5 Best Portfolio Building Tools for Students

If you are a student, then you would be aware of the monumental effort and ingenious creativity that goes into building outstanding projects and writing brilliant essays.

So, what happens after your masterpiece has served its momentary purpose? We’re guessing it goes in the back of your storage board along with the rest of your smart creations that once were masterpieces too.

Now, however, you can save yourself some space in that storage board by making an online portfolio. In the digital world, students have access to numerous learning platforms, information tools, and portfolio builders.

While learning platforms and information tools are used to create your masterpieces, a portfolio builder will help you to smartly curate your efforts for future reference.

.tech‘s constant endeavor to create a passionate tech community begins with empowering you, the students, to be tech-savvy. And while there are numerous student website portfolio websites to choose from, here are 5 online portfolio tools that you should consider:

1. Kidblog

Built by teachers, Kidblog is a brilliant online student portfolio tool that empowers students to become part of the knowledge creation process.

This platform is characterized with a smart approval matrix that requires a teacher’s approval command for students to publish their writing online and reach a global audience.


The platform enables schools and teachers to document the student academic journey and their learning experiences whilst ensuring the security of the content.

Students’ digital portfolios are automatically curated over time across classes demonstrating their growth year-over-year. Powered with clever features such as Google drive integration, media library sync, smart statistics, Kidblog network and more, you can use Kidblog for free.


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2. WordPress

Famous among bloggers and website creators, WordPress is the preferred choice for any online venture. WordPress serves as a great platform and a gateway for students to create their online portfolio.

With an easy-to-use dashboard to upload files and a wide array of free website themes to choose from, students can document their learnings and experiences with effortlessly.

Blog posts and smartly designed websites enable students to categorize their work and revisit it in the future. The platform provides the option to start for free, although other paid options are also available.



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3. Edublogs

Edublogs is a student-centric learning platform that includes course blogs, e-portfolios, and managing student projects. Edublogs provides a stable, secure and hassle-free WordPress based learning network for teachers and students.

Features include creating student accounts, approving content, making blogs public, monitor activity reports and more. With an option to choose from over 200 professional themes and an ad-free interface, Edublogs is a smart platform for students to create their digital portfolios.

Also, Edublogs is device agnostic and available on mobile phones as an app. Depending on the size of the institution, the pricing varies between $2K to $15K per year.



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4. Weebly

Weebly offers students a platform to create unique websites that will serve as effective digital portfolios. With a simple drag and drop feature, and with responsive themes, students can build a professional website without any technical knowledge.

Students can use Weebly for free or opt for a paid plan that ranges from $8 to $25 per month. As an add-on, Weebly offers a look into portfolios made by other students thus serving as an effective digital portfolio creator.



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5. Evernote

Evernote is a cross-platform tool designed to take notes, organize content and archive the same. The tool serves as an effective portfolio builder as it empowers students to write down notes, take photos, upload content, record audio, and tag items with specific keywords.

The content can then be organized into notebooks and groups, with the option to share it across social media.

The tool synchronizes across different devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This enables students to add content to their portfolios and from anywhere and at any time.

Although paid plans are on offer, Evernote can be accessed for free as well.


Bonus: Three Ring App

Apart from the five tools mentioned above, you can check out ‘three ring‘, a tablet and mobile app that allows teachers and students to snap a photo of written work, capture video of presentations, or record audio of student discussions can use to create a well-crafted narrative of learning experiences, growth stories, and achievements.

With these online student portfolio tools, you can use to create a well-crafted narrative of your learning experiences, growth stories, and achievements.

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