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[Popular] List of 10 Student Hackathons from Around the World!

Technology students love hackathons and rightly so! Student hackathons are a great destination for students to get their hands dirty on live projects that they believe in. Hackathons give them a unique opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something new and exemplary.

Student hackathons are fast becoming career-launchers for students. Organizations looking to hire future product innovators closely monitor hackathon participants and their projects to identify ‘out of the box’ thinkers to join their team.

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Many successful startups are first conceived at student hackathons. For future tech entrepreneurs, hackathons are a great way to build the first version of their big idea which can later be monetized.

When it comes to interesting hackathon ideas it’s hard to overlook Easy Taxi, famously known as ‘the world’s most downloaded taxi app’, which was built at Startup Weekend hackathon back in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro.


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Some of the most exciting student hackathons around the world are melting pots of cool ideas, creative thinking, and superb programming skills coming together. Take a look at these 10 student hackathons that have now become a robust platform for students to build something exciting from scratch:

1. HackPrinceton

HackPrinceton promises to bring together 500 developers and designers from across the United States to create incredible software and hardware projects. The event provides a comfortable and enlivening atmosphere for students to build out progressive, innovative, and crazy ideas.

At HackPrinceton, participants can meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and hone their skills alongside seasoned mentors. HackPrinceton is, first and foremost, a fun learning experience!

Student hackathons


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2. nwHacks

Pegged as Western Canada’s largest hackathon, nwHacks is a hackathon that’s organized annually by StartupStorm, an AMS club at the University of British Columbia. Their mission is to connect and build the tech community for upcoming software developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

You’ll never be short on inspiration when you’re surrounded by 600 of the brightest minds in the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, nwHacks is 100% free for all participants.

3. Hack Western

Hack Western is one of Canada’s largest annual student-run hackathons and will be taking place at Western University. Hack Western 5 will welcome more than 600 students from across North America on November 23rd to 25th, 2018. Every year, Hack Western’s sponsors help us recruit over 600 participants to Hack Western to make it a weekend full of learning, building, and innovation.

4. HackDavis

HackDavis is the first major collegiate hackathon at UC Davis completely run by students. In winter 2018, for their third year in a row, HackDavis will have over 700 students, hackers and creatives come together for 24 hours of hacking. They provide a platform to rope in the most talented students in California to address the world’s most pressing social issues.


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5. QHacks

QHacks was first held in 2016 with a mission to advocate and incubate the tech community at Queen’s University and throughout Canada. Going into their third year, they have been aggressively growing to become one of the highest quality and exciting hackathons in North America.

More than 500 students from across North America will come together for a weekend of awesome hacking. Participants can attend workshops, play with hardware, take part in hacker challenges, and make new friends.

This is a hackathon for out-of-the-box thinkers, creatives, and innovators from all faculties and skill levels.

Student hackathons

6. Hackinit

hack.init is China’s premier youth hackathon and the first high school hackathon that promotes inclusivity and cultural diversity. It brings together 300 brightest minds across the country to Shanghai for a 24-hour, nonstop feast of creativity, collaboration, and rapid learning.

Unlike traditional hackathons, hack.init() pays special attention to local high school students, international high school students and university freshmen.

7. HackHer413

HackHer413 is the first all-women and non-binary students’ hackathon in Western Mass! HackHer413 took place on February 9th and 10th of 2019. They had over 300 students, volunteers, sponsors, and mentors who came together to empower women and non-binary students learn and grow in tech.


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8. SLO Hacks

Founded in 2017, SLO Hacks is an entirely student-run organization. They host multiple hackathon events year-round and pride themselves on giving students the opportunity to bring ideas to life with collaboration, technology, and hacking!

SLO Hacks 2019 is a 500-student, 36-hour hackathon hosted at Cal Poly SLO. Over the course of the event, participants will meet new people, learn and develop their skills, and turn big ideas into a reality!

9. McHacks

McHacks is a 2-day event open to All undergraduate and high school students. McHacks is completely free and they will be providing food, drink, wi-fi, and lots of awesome swag. Meet over 600 of North America’s best hackers Feb 3-4 in Montreal.

Student hackathons

10. 2020.Goldsmiths.TECH

Anvil Hack – the student-run hackathon at Goldsmiths, University of London, is now in its third year! The hackathon is focussed on the creative applications of technology taking place at a center of creative computing research. The event encourages students to use their skills to make something wonderful, arty, musical!

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