The Tech Community is Transforming its Identity – One Domain Name at a Time!

Did you know that .COM, .NET have been around for 30 years? It’s no surprise, then, that if you were to register a domain name on these extensions, they are most likely already taken. Does that mean that you have to settle for something that wasn’t your first choice? Not anymore.

For someone who is passionate about technology, you deserve a domain name that is descriptive of who you are and where you belong. A .TECH domain extension empowers you to do just that. And chances are that you will find the name of your choice in the first go!

Who’s already on a .TECH

Since its launch two years ago, .TECH has emerged as the de facto domain extension for all things tech. With over 250K domain registrations, .TECH has been picked up by tech brands, startups, conferences, coding schools and programmers worldwide. | | | | |

These aren’t just random tech brands – these are some premier early adopters of the .TECH domain extension.

Newer brands launching in the tech space are also choosing a .TECH to create their identity online. For example, marketing genius Sheeraz Hasan’s latest venture, which a bridge between Hollywood celebrities and technology companies.

Did you know – new domain extensions are as good for SEO as the old ones? Case in point –, winner of the WIX SEO Hero global contest (read more about the strategy that won him $50,000 here!)

Social celebrities like and are among many who have been using .TECH domains to boost their personal brands on social platforms.

University clubs such as, and (King’s College, London) have also switched over, in a bid to emphasize the tech aspect of their communities.

What’s .TECH been doing so far

With a vision to mentor fresh technology talent to drive innovation globally, .TECH’s tie-up with CoderDojo has empowered over 100,000 children worldwide to learn programming. FullStack Academy, Hacker You, WebDxD and numerous other coding bootcamps have already incorporated .TECH domains to provide value to their students.

.TECH has constantly been at the forefront of global developer and startup initiatives, including its own unique internal program, the Startup League. Designed to provide marketing support to growing startups on a .TECH domain, Startup League has enjoyed quick success, onboarding 100+ startups within the very first year and partnering with Founders Space, Extreme Accelerator, and Founders Institute among other startup communities.

.TECH has also actively supported nearly 30,000 student developers across 40 countries via hackathons and student programs. (a premier high school hackathon) and (Bay Area’s first student-run, all-female high school hackathon) are some of the nearly 200 hackathons sponsored by .TECH.

The tech community’s got a domain extension of its own – are you on it yet?

If you’re in tech, you deserve to be on .TECH. A .TECH domain name gives you the chance to be creative and is a fantastic opportunity to brand your online identity with something you’re passionate about.

So what are you waiting for – go get yours now!

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