AI and IoT in Food Tech: An Interview With José Daniel Leal Avila
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Foodstamp.Tech: Why AI and IoT Will Be the Big Drivers of Food Tech

Food tech is a booming industry and one that has witnessed some seriously staggering innovations that have completely transformed the food business. From hassle-free order placement to quick deliveries to curated options, the food tech space has everything covered.

We spoke with José Daniel Leal Avila, CEO, and Founder at, a promising young food tech brand, to shed light on the trends in the food tech space and to share valuable advice for businesses looking to startup in the food tech space. Read on!

What inspired you to start Tell us the story.

We started Foodstamp while studying for a project that involved understanding the issues that new restaurants faced. At the time, coincidentally, one of our favorite burger joints went out of business and we were puzzled as to why that happened.

It wasn’t bad food, bad pricing or bad service that caused this. It was just that the costs to maintain a new restaurant for the first year was way too high and people just didn’t know about the place.

So, we took these issues quite personally and since we were already studying the market, we decided to find a way to help new restaurants find a way to sustain.

Will artificial intelligence replace human intelligence eventually?

With every passing day, the world of technology is evolving to deliver solutions that often leave us mere mortals bewildered and stoked. One such technology is AI or Artificial Intelligence, that is surpassing all the notions that it was initially characterized with.

How has social media helped you in developing a strong food tech brand and attracting users to the app?

Social Media has played a vital role for us. It has been the main channel for us to get noticed and to spread new content. Quite frankly, we haven’t invested in ads or anything. We created one video that helped us attract eyeballs and we actively keep posting stuff that has attracted some really amazing comments regarding our platform.

What are the trends you foresee in the food tech space? Will AI and IoT be the big drivers of this space?   

The food delivery space, for instance, has had an enormous boom and will only keep growing with AI and IoT. For us, AI is one of the key differentiators to why we stand out from the competition.

Our dish recommendations are very personalized. Just like music services, we offer curated data for every user, so they can try something new, something that they might not know about but might really like.

The IoT market is also helping our cause. We haven’t applied it to our business yet, but there are some great solutions that can really help us. For example, Bluetooth beacons identify when a customer will arrive at the restaurant. With this information, the restaurant can start preparing the customer’s order accordingly.

Could you share a piece some advice for businesses looking to startup in the food tech space?

As with any other business, my advice is to focus on the pain points about how things are currently done. Instead of asking how you can improve delivery time, you can identify and address the underlying issues. This will help you to then find a completely new way to deliver food and satisfy your customers.

What are your future plans for Foodstamp?

Firstly, we want to make our platform available across the country and then expand to Latin America and Europe. We are also coming up with an AR menu to meet the needs of high-end restaurants. With an AR menu, restaurants can create a richer dining experience for their customers. Lastly, I wish to someday have a tool to tackle obesity.

5 Reasons Why Your Tech Startup Should Be On .TECH

Chances are, you’re an up and coming tech startup that has a mind-bending innovative product or a revolutionary new platform to offer. You’ve thought hard and far to come up with a catchy name for your startup. You’ve created this snazzy website that is smartly designed and curated to showcase your core competency.

Why did you choose a .tech domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

To be completely honest, we kind of didn’t, or rather, it was kind of obvious. We already had a domain with our country code top-level domain but then we got a cool invitation to join Radix and the Startup League.

We are marketers, yes, but also geeks and programmers and designers and very technology-oriented and we want to create things. It just felt like a no-brainer to use .tech so that in the future if need be, we could do things that might not even be restaurant-related.

Who says we couldn’t have a biotech company with this name? And it has worked, some people have asked us to do work that has indeed nothing to do with food and since the architecture of our platform is flexible, we can use it for markets like insurance or dentistry!

At the same time, it also works for the restaurants to trust that we know what we are doing when we start talking about apps, AR, AI and other tech terms that other companies wouldn’t talk so much about.

Starting a food tech business? Get .tech here!

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