5 Tips On How You Can Start A Tech Business With No Money
Start a tech business with no money

5 Tips On How You Can Start A Tech Business With No Money

Unlike popular belief, it’s not impossible to start a tech business with no money.

While having deep pockets or access to funds to invest in your business surely does make the whole process of starting a tech business much easier, not having money should never be an excuse.

If you can dream big and put your thoughts into action by allowing your perseverance, self-confidence, and initiative to take the driver seat, then you can start tech business with no money.

Being your boss, being the decision-maker, going through the constant hustle to achieve your goals; that’s the dream, right?


Having said that, starting a tech business with no money will be one of the most exhausting but interesting opportunities you will ever get to experience in your life.

Constant day-to-day stress where you are personally responsible for every success and setback!

Despite the various startup challenges that you will face and the excruciating efforts needed to set sail, if you are dead-set on being an entrepreneur, then use these tactics and guidance to start a tech business with no money.

5 Tips On How You Can Start A Tech Business With No Money

5 Tips On How You Can Start A Tech Business With No Money

Tip 1: Focus On Your Strengths 

Before you kick start your tech business, take a moment to step back and analyze your strong points.

List them down and consider how you can use it to your advantage in the given situation.

Consider your skill sets, experience, knowledge and all the other tangible resources at your disposal.

It is advisable to be unbiased when you carry out this exercise. Carefully think about your responses to each of these questions.

Go beyond your instinct to jump to answers and/or conclusions. Contemplate deeply and analytically about what you have at your disposal and what all can be arranged for this idea to work.

Make sure you take this first step very seriously and document your responses. Written responses will act as an artifact and give the whole business idea a concrete shape.

Tip 2: Use Your Connections

In the next step, work towards combining your strengths with who you know.

Take a good hard look at your connections, map out your network of connections and evaluate how your connections could enable you to use what you have more effectively.

In the words of Richard Branson, “Succeeding in business is all about making connections”.

Tip 3: Embrace The Alternative Entrepreneurial Mindset

“I am investing 20,000$ amount and I expect a 20% return” versus “I have nothing to lose and therefore let me see if I can make it work” are not just two alternative mindsets.

These mindsets define your entrepreneurial journey, attitude and at some level your aptitude for success.

Putting in all your efforts without the fear of losing equips you with the ability to be flexible in your approaches.

It also helps minimize the stress of starting a tech business with no money. As the saying goes, “Take the risk or lose the chance”.


Tip 4: Be Experimental But Adaptive

Success chases people who are responsive to changes in the environment.

Starting a tech business with no money gives you all the flexibility. You are not tied to a certain way of doing things and are always at liberty to let the cat out of the bag.

Jump at every opportunity; take advantage of shifts in consumer preferences, technology or legislation by realigning your business goals to such fluctuations.

An entrepreneur with an alternative mindset is always ready to take on what comes their way and turn around every positive and negative contingency into new opportunities.

Tip 5: Validate Your Idea

Now that you have identified the business opportunity, do all the groundwork, set on the path of starting a tech business with no money, be patient and wait till the time is right.

Consider starting the business as a side hustle with your full-time job or at least till the time you have a tested the waters.

Get a fair understanding of your product and how it is being received by the consumers before you dive in headfirst with all that you got.

You can even consider experimenting with the idea of a Minimum Viable Product or more commonly known as MVP.

Simply put, an MVP is the beta version of your business; functional enough to satisfy the first customers get their feedback and employ the suggested improvements.

If the MVP version receives a decent response, move forward at full-throttle incorporating all suggested changes.

However, if your business idea is not well received then either rethink the idea or start afresh.

Another tactic that works to your advantage is conducting interviews with potential customers.

Ask their opinion on your product, their likes, and dislikes and also consider how much they would be willing to pay for your product.

Final Thoughts

Today, digital technology equips an entrepreneur with enough resources at their disposal.

A tech business can not only be established with no money but also has the potential to scale and earn significant revenues in the future.

The key is to be innovative and crack the code to find the lowest-cost way to make that sale.

Be flexible and adaptive in your approach. Next thing you know, you will be making profits.

Entrepreneurs like Laurie Davis of the dating website eFlirt have bootstrapped their way to millions with an initial investment of just $50.

Starting a tech business? Build it on a .tech domain!

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