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FireDove.TECH: A Zealous Technology Entrepreneur’s Candid Advice to Startups

Every tech entrepreneur’s journey is an interesting story packed with challenges, distresses, and valuable learnings. Robbi Anthony, founder of Firedove.TECH, talks about her zeal for entrepreneurship, what makes ‘disappearing hardware’ the most promising upcoming tech, and critical aspects that every tech startup must bear in mind before starting up. Read on!

Robbi Anthony, founder at Firedove.TECH

What inspired you to start Firedove? Tell us the story.

I started Firedove because I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and after working for various ad agencies, I figured I could do better on my own. I was also tired of seeing people being ripped off for services which I could provide at a lower price with higher quality. Firedove was the symbolic manifestation of my zeal as an entrepreneur emerging from the ashes of my past failures. With Firedove, I am an entrepreneur who can fly with my own wings.

Tell us about the technology services that you offer.

We are best known for our web development abilities, primarily on WordPress and Bootstrap, but we are also known for hardware product development, software development, graphic design, and iOS development. We’ve often been subcontracted by larger agencies to tackle more technical tasks that they cannot accomplish themselves.

What upcoming technology do you foresee becoming an eminent part of our lives in the near future?

I think Blockchain technology is interesting, but the latest boom has disavowed what the technology is actually supposed to do. What I do think will become integral in our future, from a technology stance, is technologies that disappear from plain sight. Items like smart mirrors and wireless chargers are a great example of this.

They only come into focus when you need the application, but they otherwise disappear from the room. Even the current landscape of smart speakers is shifting towards designs that blend into our physical spaces and are less obvious pieces of technology. Disappearing hardware, if I had to coin a term, is what I think will be the thing to watch out for.

Wireless chargers are on the list of ‘Disappearing Hardware’.

What are some of the critical aspects that technology startups must keep in mind before starting up?

Don’t be a hack! If you can’t code don’t call yourself a developer. You’ll end up burning customers or clients inadvertently because you don’t know how to accomplish the task they want to get done. It’s okay to blitz thru projects or take on new ideas as a way to learn, but don’t make the client or customer pay for your education. Too many people in the tech space over-promise and under deliver.

We all want to be like Apple or Google and promise the life-changing benefits of this magical technology, whatever it may be that we are selling. But unless you are actually at that level, don’t make those promises. Stay humble, keep learning, and provide your clients with quality work at a fair price.

What are your future plans for Firedove?

I want to shift Firedove to a product development firm in which we develop hardware products in-house and take them to market. I’ve made a few products before and I think Firedove could do a great job at that kind of work moving forward.

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

So, the full unabbreviated name of my firm is actually Firedove Technology. Ergo, the .TECH domain name was perfect for us! Our entire domain name, including the extension, was our firm name. How cool is that? It’s really helped give us an edge over our competitors.

When people see our domain name, they think we really know our stuff and it gives prospective clients the immediate impression that we are invested in technology. A lot of businesses have a .COM, but when they come across the .TECH, it causes them to pause. .TECH cuts through the noise.

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