Girl Script Foundation: Building Skills Among Women in Tech

We are absolutely thrilled to be associated with Girl Script Foundation, an India based non-profit organization and community that empowers women by introducing them to career opportunities in the tech industry. The Foundation is set to host Girl Script Summit in Ahmedabad, India on 16th and 17th December. In this interview, we speak with Malav Vyas, a key volunteer at the Foundation, to know more about what they have in store for women who aspire to make it big in technology.

Tell us about the Girl Script Foundation. What inspired its inception?

Girlscript started in February 2017 with an aim to bring ‘equality in tech’ rather than just ‘women in tech’. In schools and colleges, a tremendous amount of attention is given to theoretical knowledge rather than practical application and there are many women who score 8-9 CGPA. However, when it comes to their final year project, most students prefer to ‘buy’ one from the market rather than developing their technical skills and putting it to constructive use.

There are many aspiring tech students who want to learn, but don’t have any platform or proper guidance as to where to start. To help these students reach their goals was another reason that we were inspired to start the Girlscript Foundation.

girl-script-foundation-women-malav-vyasMalav Vyas of Girl Script Foundation.

What do you think lacks in the Indian education system for aspiring tech students?

The Indian education system was imposed by the British with just one goal in mind – to create a population of educated clerks. After 1947, when India was set free, successive governments did little to change the education system. Rather than revolutionize India with people full of knowledge, we are creating functional machines with bookish words and theories that should have been outdated years ago. The syllabus is supremely old and gives very little attention to the development of skills and even fewer opportunities to implement those skills.

Do you collaborate or partner with brands? How do you work with them?

Yes, we do collaborate with brands, especially the ones who believe in ‘equality and upbringing of the society’ and who want to support our cause. Mostly, our partners support us financially and/or by spreading the word about us. We try to spread information about them on our online and offline mediums as a gesture of good faith.

What is your philosophy behind keeping Girl Script India Summit an invite-only event?

As the name Girlscript suggests, we try to focus more on nurturing women in technology. In each event of Girlscript Foundation, we try to maintain a minimum of 65% women attendees’. We decided to keep GirlScript India Summit 2017 an invite-only event to ensure that only those aspirants who actually want to build a career in the field of technology are welcomed.

How is your .TECH domain name adding brand value to your online presence?

We decided to launch our summit website on Being an organization that supports technology and promotes technical knowledge, our online presence matters the most to us and our community. A .TECH domain highlights our technical strengths and creates an appealing image of our organization.

Are you a coding school or a hackathon? We’d love to partner with you! Get in touch with us at [email protected]!

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  1. As there is no doubt about your fantastic thinking and the way you are executing it, which is also alreciable.
    I would like to be with you for changing in India’s scenrio with this foundation. Keep going. I will surely inform this with my friends and collegues. May be this will help them and motivate them.
    Good luck

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