Tech Junkie? Catch the Latest in Tech News with EOTO

Tech Junkie? Catch the Latest in Tech News with EOTO

Investing in a tech gadget is always fun. However, it involves a thorough research of expert reviews and user feedback to make your purchase decision. EOTO.TECH is a brilliant tech news platform and content sharing avenue that enables consumers to make smart purchase decisions and stay abreast of all that is happening in the exciting world of technology. We speak with Shivam Vahia, CEO at EOTO, to tell us about their business dedicated to tech news. Read on!

What inspired you to start EOTO? Tell us the story.

We started EOTO back in March 2016 with the goal of creating an India centric tech publication that delivers top-notch quality content. Our vision has always been to deliver the best possible tech news that helps the community understand and make better purchase decisions.

There was a vacuum in the Indian market in terms of quality tech news, and that’s where we ply our trade. Over time, we will be making decisions that help us get closer to this goal. Another reason was to give a platform to people to share their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and experience around consumer technology, and that’s how we have been able to grow as a team.

tech-news-Shivam-VahiaShivam Vahia, CEO at EOTO

What is the biggest challenge that you face with EOTO?

Honestly, there have been no major long-term issues plaguing EOTO. We have hardly had issues with the site, and the team has a good sense of ownership, thus creating to the best of their ability.

If I were to be specific, currently, it’s been tackling the YouTube algorithm to reach more viewers. Sometimes, certain posts don’t perform as well as expected, but we learn from that and keep on going!


How has the reader response been so far? What’s the user experience like?

We’re glad to announce that user response up till now has been extremely positive. We have made sure that tech news is our top priority and therefore we are often among the first to cover a particular story worldwide. Our editorials have been shared by exceptionally well-known people like Evan Blass (@evleaks) and Rahul Yadav (Founder of

Many of our readers have asked us to cover more local ‘Indian’ tech news and reports and we are glad to state that from 2018 onwards we shall start more in-depth coverage and content on the same. In terms of user experience, we haven’t come across any complaints. We do not have obtrusive advertisements or pop-ups, which means the user experience is very straightforward and simple.

What are your future plans for EOTO?

I see many young companies make decisions that might sound enticing in the short term, but they often lose focus. We aim to make constant calibrations to ensure that we keep delivering what the market needs in the best possible manner. Being fast to react to changes in media consumption is one of those.

So whatever newer technology comes, EOTO will be at the forefront of adopting it. Eventually, we would also like to grow our team and get other super passionate people onboard, who share the same predicament. We plan on getting more partnerships, cover even more of what the viewers would like, and keep providing valuable content.

Why did you choose .tech for your website?

When we started off, the newer TLDs weren’t widely known and the .tech domain was a recent entrant. Back in 2000, nobody would’ve thought that domains other than .com / .net would make it large. New TLD’s are more precise and are in no way different from existing domains in terms of search engine optimizations.

In fact, having our core concept ‘tech’ in the domain itself is very helpful –, it easily defines that EOTO goes hand in hand with technology. From a user point of view, it’s easier to remember and shorter to type. There is no drawback of choosing .TECH over an already commercial .com, so why not carve out a niche for yourself?

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