.Tech Domains x Major League Hacking: 24 Student Programmers Share Their #MyStartInTech Stories

.Tech Domains x Major League Hacking: 24 Student Programmers Share Their #MyStartInTech Stories

The tech workforce in the US is not growing at an optimal pace. The number of schools offering computer science is not enough and this impacts the access of computer science to young women and students from marginalized communities.

The truth is that there are over 410,020 open computing jobs in the US but only 71,226 computer science students graduated into the tech workforce last year. 

This is because only 47% of public high schools in the US offer computer science which deeply impacts its access to young women and students from marginalized communities. 

To address this pressing issue, we have launched #MyStartInTech, a campaign dedicated to drawing attention to this cause and in turn, help widen access to computer science in schools.

As part of this campaign, we have partnered with Major League Hacking – the global student developer community to find out what the students of MLH have to say about their start in tech.

In this post, we will hear from 22 student members of MLH as they narrate their #MyStartInTech stories. These brilliant students share with us :

  • How they got started in computer science
  • What challenges they faced along the way
  • Why is it important for students today to learn computer science
  • Why is diversity in tech so important
  • What do they think about the #MyStartInTech campaign by .Tech Domains

Watch these videos and get inspired!

1. Mara Hart

2. Mantas Kandratavičius

3. Aditya Oberai

4. Kunal Kushwaha

5. Jarrel Thomas



6. Ethan Bensman

7. Cecilia La Place

8. Mithra Perera 

9. Sam Poder

10. Zane Hasnain



11. Ricardo Mirón Torres

12. Karan Luthria

13. Katherine Wong

14. Noah Campbell

15. Sashrika Kaur



16. Shivay Lamba

17. Jesse Hu

18. Jacob Kasner

19. Disha Srivastava

20. Lauren Tonello



21. Arjun Subramonian

22. Ebtesam Al-Haque

23. Genevieve Chin

24. Satakshi Garg



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