Lighting Up The World With Innovation And Technology
Lighting cover image Lighting up the world with innovation and technology

If you thought using LED bulbs was the coolest home lighting solution you’ve come across, then’s ultra-thin LED light source module will stump you. Dublin based was formed as a smart solution the unfulfilled promise of OLED lighting technology.

With their new product, Hikari SQ, Lightly is all set to redefine the lighting industry once again and offer lighting manufacturers a chance to get creative with their lighting fixture designs.

We spoke with Matt Hanbury, the Founder of Lightly, to understand what inspired him to dive into the world of lighting technologies and how Hikari SQ will help lighting designers create exceptional light experiences. Read on!

What inspired you to start Lightly Technologies? Tell us the story.

Matt Hanbury

I formed Lightly Technologies in January 2016 after I moved to Dublin, Ireland. I had previously worked as a mechanical engineer at Philips Lighting and with Apple Inc on the iPhone 6S.

Then, while thinking about my next career move, I came up with the idea to combine my knowledge of LED lights and smartphone displays technology. I made the first prototypes of our ultra-thin LED light bulb on my kitchen table.

Now, after two years of research, and having built the company, we’ve acquired customers and investment and are about to launch our latest innovation, Hikari SQ, to the lighting market.

What is Hikari SQ? How does it help lighting designers to create exceptional experiences with light?

Hikari SQ is an ultra-thin LED light bulb, it’s essentially a tile that is 3.2mm thin and emits a surface of beautiful, high-quality light. It’s also very energy efficient and has a lifetime of 20 years. Because of its unique design, it is very different from the normal light bulb shape, and this enables lighting fixture manufacturers (our customers) to create stunning, modern new designs of lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

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How is social media helping you build a brand and attract customers?

Professional social media has been hugely valuable in building our brand in the B2B space. We particularly use LinkedIn for building professional connections and Instagram as the visual platform to showcase our innovative products.

What are the trends you foresee in the lighting industry?

The first trend would be modern, ultra-thin LED fixtures. And yes, we’re planning to lead the way. The other key trends would be connected lighting (controlled by a smartphone or via cloud), and a rise in miniaturization – where the light source is hidden but still provides beautiful illumination in the room.

What are your future plans for Lightly Tech?

Having just closed our €550k seed investment round via Crowdcube, we’re now growing the team and preparing for mass production. We launch Hikari SQ in August, then we will be developing circular and linear versions of our technology this year to give our customers even more creative freedom.

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

As our company is called Lightly Technologies using a .tech domain was the perfect fit for us. It’s given us a short, modern URL that really stands out for emails and website links.


“Starting a new tech brand? Build it on a .tech domain!”

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