Future of FoodTech: An Interview With Rob Ward, CEO, ForwardFood.Tech

The Future of Food Tech: An Interview With Rob Ward, CEO, ForwardFood.Tech

ForwardFood.Tech is an investment consulting service that helps AgriTech and FoodTech companies who are globally looking for investments to scale up their businesses. They provide expert commercial support and connect startups to the best investment opportunities.

Founded by Rob Ward in 2019, the company works towards ensuring that early-stage AgriTech and FoodTech companies have fully developed their commercial proposition and are investor-ready. 

Rob works with a team of agriculture and food tech experts to support innovative businesses and build a strong future for the industry. He is highly experienced in the field and has built and sold five businesses related to the agriculture and food industries. 

We spoke to Rob about his business venture and asked him about the investment scenario in the FoodTech and AgriTech sectors.

Let’s find out what he has to say!

1. What inspired you to start ForwardFood.Tech? 

The future of innovation in agriculture and the food industry is new technologies that transform both, the viability and sustainability of the existing farming and food business.

I’ve run businesses from farming to consumer products and our unique knowledge for the entire industry uniquely places us as world leaders in accelerating ‘Forward’ our ‘Food’ (and my surname is Ward! For-Ward!).

2. How has the journey been so far?

We seem to be making great headway with SEO, so the principal of a .Tech domain

3. What is the core issue that you are addressing with ForwardFood.Tech?

We are the world leader in discovering the next AgriTech and FoodTech innovative brands and helping them accelerate their businesses.

4. How is the investment scenario of the AgriTech and FoodTech sector different from other industries?

It lags behind FinTech, but as a result of both climate change and the world pandemic, food and agriculture have been propelled into the limelight. 

We are seeing significant interest in investment in this sector and expect it to grow as an investment category. 

5. What are the future plans for ForwardFood.Tech?

We are now contracted to the UK DiT and represent the UK Government internationally to search and find the best AgriTech and FoodTech brands around the world. 

As a result of this, we will be expanding our existing training and coaching program called “The Leadership Hub”, where we competitively select brands to join this program from around the world. 

Part of this is to create a continent specific hub, eg. Latin America and Africa are our next geographic areas for Q1 2021, and India and the Middle East are for Q2 2021. 

6. What made you choose .TECH for ForwardFood.Tech’s website?

With reference to our brand, I wanted to say Tech without saying Tech in the actual brand… if that makes sense. 


Building your FoodTech or AgriTech startup? Build it on a .TECH domain!

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