Internet Of Things And How It Is Changing The World We Live In
Internet of Things

Internet Of Things And How It Is Changing The World We Live In

When it comes to new technologies, the world is progressing at an unfathomable pace. However, one technology that is truly redefining the way we interact with our physical world is the Internet of Things or IoT.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things

As simple as it sounds, the applications of the Internet of Things make life even simpler.

How Does the Internet of Things Make Life Simpler?

The fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT) is collecting data from the devices connected to the internet and transferring data to a central system.

This collected data is in turn used to provide a more customized experience for users by making the devices communicate with each other.

In short, connecting the physical world through IoT platforms makes life simpler and more efficient.


Internet of Things In Human Lives

In your daily life, you must have already witnessed numerous use cases of IoT applications such as smart home devices in the likes of smartphones, wearables (smartwatch and smart glasses), smart TVs, smart health monitoring systems, and many more.

Alexa by Amazon and Google Home are shining examples of IoT applications and machine learning devices.

These smart devices are constantly transferring data to other devices connected to the internet and among themselves, to give you a more holistic experience across platforms.

Smart home is a growing trend where all devices and physical objects are connected to the internet and among themselves, transferring data in real time to you. Smart locks, TV, lights, Air conditioners – you name it.

In fact, the concept of smart cities has recently taken shape. This concept involves the entire city to be connected to each other, transferring data constantly in real time, leading to better connectivity, better security, and an enhanced way of life.

Industrial Applications of IoT

IoT applications, however, are not restricted only to smart devices; organizations are quickly adopting IoT platforms to enhance sales and reduce costs by getting better insights into their business process as well as consumer behavior through automated processes.

Industries such as healthcare, automobile, retail, manufacturing, have already started benefitting from IoT applications in their day-to-day business, especially through predictive maintenance, supply chain management, machine learning, AI, etc.

The need for the Internet of Things is an ongoing debate, owing majorly to the fact that all the devices need to be connected to the internet.

While this is not a necessity, when each object or device is connected via the IoT platform it leads to deeper insights and eventually helps in making things more efficient.

Industrial IoT applications, for example, lead to increased efficiency while cutting down on waste.

Companies are using IoT for predictive maintenance, detailed analysis and insights into factors such as soil and weather conditions as well.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence In IoT

Billions of IoT devices are already connected with each other and they are producing large volumes of insightful data.

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to a wide range of information collected using IoT, including video, still images, speech, sensors, etc.

The technology needed for and around AI relies on IoT applications and IoT platforms, creating a huge scope for the Internet of Things as a technology.


Privacy and Security Concerns Surrounding the Internet of Things

With billions of devices in the real world connected to the internet, the threat of breach of data privacy and security is a major concern.

Sensitive information stored online is prone to be hacked and such cases have been found in the past few years.

Steps are being taken to address this issue, and all major tech companies are investing heavily in the necessary infrastructure and technology aimed at making IoT safer.

The Internet of Things industry is aimed to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years, and security is one of the major focus areas, along with the integration of existing technologies with IoT platforms.

Cloud-based security solutions are proving to be a safe avenue for all the data collected from the billions of IoT devices.

Government authorities are also taking data privacy and security very seriously, with regulations like GDPR being brought into place.

What Is The Next Step For IoT Applications?

Despite the slightly gray area around IoT security, adoption of IoT is undoubtedly growing exponentially in all facets of industries.

Every day you hear news of new IoT devices being launched or how data analysis and integration is bringing about transformations across a multitude of sectors.

Intelligence services also see the use of IoT in identification, monitoring, location tracking, etc. leading to more efficient surveillance.

Autonomous cars and smart homes have already become a reality and with growing competition in the IoT sector, IoT devices and applications are going to mushroom in the near future.

The concept of smart cities is shaping our future with Governments across the world aiming at creating smart cities in their respective countries which will help manage assets and resources more efficiently.

Gartner has identified trends in IoT applications that are shaping the world as we know it, including applications such as silicon chip innovation, sensor innovation, as well as the use of IoT in social, legal and ethical issues.

Healthcare and automobile are the leading sectors when it comes to applications of IoT, although the impact and usage are impending across all sectors.

Internet of Things across smart devices has been actively adopted by people, while the looming threat of AI replacing human intelligence remains in their minds.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of machine learning have proven useful in connecting the physical world and making daily life and business more productive.

Just like we don’t think twice before sending an email over the internet without wondering about the technology behind it, internet of things (IoT) is bound to become as mundane and necessary in our everyday lives.

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