How To Calculate Revenue For A Startup: Financial Tips & Hacks
How to calculate revenue for a startup

How To Calculate Revenue For A Startup? Money Matters Made Easy!

The primary goal of every business is revenue and growth unless you’re running a not-for-profit enterprise. As a new business owner, it’s important for you to know how to predict and calculate the revenue for a startup. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who has created a startup with the help of seed or additional funding from investors, then revenue generation becomes imperative.

Angel investors, potential investors, and business owners won’t give importance to the passion and intent behind your commercial venture unless they are convinced of its revenue generation model.

Having said that, if you are a hobby-driven entrepreneur who is unaware of how the fundamentals of business work, this can be a painful task. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to understand how profit, loss, and revenue work and how to calculate the revenue for a startup.

This understanding will help you ascertain the profit and loss balances of your business. It will also assist you in determining the pricing of products and services to ensure that your startup generates revenue.

In this article, you will find the easiest methods to calculate the ‘annual revenue generated’ for your startup. 

You can use these methods for the following purposes:

  • To show the profitability of your startup to existing and potential investors  
  • To evaluate the annual revenue growth of your business for development and expansion purposes.

How to calculate startup costs?

The process of calculating the revenue for a startup involves determining a few important figures. One such number is the startup cost.

Startup costs are all the costs that are involved while setting up your business. For different kinds of enterprises, this cost may differ. 

For example, if you’re establishing an eCommerce business, your startup cost will mainly be the cost of land, material, machinery, equipment, office supplies, warehouse construction, marketing materials, and all other ancillary costs till your startup is up and running. 

These costs, although incur before your business starts, are an essential component while calculating the revenue generated and the profit margin of your startup. These costs should be accurately ascertained and apportioned in the value of your product or service while determining prices. 

Estimating your startup costs is also a basic first part of creating your business plan. An idea about the capital involved in setting up your startup will help you source funding or additional capital for your business from potential investors and buyers. 

How to calculate post-startup costs?

The post-startup cost is another important determinant while calculating the revenue for a startup.

Post startup costs are the second level of costs that you will have to determine in the process of calculating ‘total revenue generated’. 

As the name suggests, it is the total cost involved in the business from its setting up till the time it starts generating revenue for itself. 

For example, in a bakery startup, these costs will include procuring raw material, electricity, and staff salary, delivery charges, rent, and other supporting expenses. Similar to the startup costs, these expenditures also have to be apportioned appropriately in the final price of the product/service you are going to offer. 

You must ensure that the final price of your product/service is fixed after carefully considering both the costs mentioned above. A price fixed without taking into account the overheads will not give an accurate picture of the revenue generated and may even cause your startup to become a loss-making entity.  

How to calculate the profit margin?

The star figure for every business when calculating revenue for a startup is the profit margin.

Now that you have your startup (and post-startup) costs determined, you can start with pricing your product.

As mentioned above, your product price should accommodate a portion of both these costs and an extra margin for profit.

A good practice is to research your market, service industry, industry leaders, and competitors before setting a profit margin. This way, you’ll establish a benchmark profit margin or industry standard.

Profit margin is a significant factor in calculating the profitability and future of a startup. If your profit margin is low, it can hinder your growth but if your profit margin is unreasonably high, it may also affect your sales and revenue, as customers will find cheaper and more reliable alternatives. 

How to calculate annual revenue?

The most exciting and exhilarating part of your business is your revenue.

The annual revenue and turnover is the single most important factor that is going to decide if your startup has been a struggler or a success.  

While sophisticated and professional accountants use a system of complex formulae to arrive at this number, for a new entrepreneur like yourself, you can use this simple formula.

[Total Annual Revenue = Total units sold x price of each product]

If you have multiple product categories or are selling multiple products or services, then your annual revenue would be the total cost of all the products sold by you in a particular year. At this stage, you must note that total revenue does not mean total profit.

To calculate the profit gained in a year, you can use the following formula: 

[Gross Profit = Annual Revenue – overhead costs]

Here, overhead costs include all your startup, post-startup, and other costs involved in making your product or service available to your final consumer. 

From this gross profit, you will further deduct local taxes and other expenses to come to a final number. 

This number will then result in three conclusions – profit, loss, or breakeven. 

If your expenses are equal to the income you have generated, you will have reached a point of breakeven in that particular year. This is a point of no profit, no loss for the startup.

How to calculate revenue growth?

After calculating the annual revenue for a startup and the gross profit, it is important to track the revenue growth.

This is the last step to reach the total revenue generated and the growth of the startup. This revenue growth is calculated by comparing the annual revenues of successive periods to arrive at a percentage figure. 

A simple method to reach this figure is:

[Revenue Growth = (Revenue of Y2 (-) Revenue of Y1)/(Revenue of Y1)] 

This formula will help you arrive at a percentage figure that will showcase the growth rate of your startup on a year-on-year basis. 


The tips and formulae given above will help you calculate the profit-generating capacity of your startup enterprise in no time. However, for a more professional and accurate data analysis, it is best to commission the help of a professional accountant.

We have also put together a list of over 150 startup accounting firms that will give you all the professional help you need!

List of 150+ accounting firms for your startup 

Sr no. Hostname Title Description
1 1040 Number Cruncher Bookkeeping Accounting Tax Services. Number Cruncher was built on a philosophy of helping startups and small businesses meet their accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs. We provide bookkeeping in all versions of Quickbooks and Xero, and provide advanced data analysis in Excel. We help one client at a time, with cloud-based tailored solutions. At the core of our belief system, we serve our clients with:.
2 Non-Profit Startup and Tax Accounting Services of Michigan | Pure Tax Non-Profit Solutions Our team of tax law and accounting professionals provide Michigan non-profits with startup services and monthly tax accounting. Free consultations.
3 Small Business Accountants | Business Accounting Firm Near Me | AA CPA Full-service accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, and QuickBooks services for small businesses, startups, and mid-sized companies in Florida.
4 HOME | a-and-b-services Tax & Advisory Specialists. We offer: accounting, bookkeeping, training, taxes and business consultation services for individuals & small businesses. Areas of Practice. News & Publications. Translations & Notery. A & B Services Company has grown steadily as a small and independent accounting & business counsulting practice in Detroit area, to include services such as accounting, training and consulting on business, immigration, new business startup ventures and Web Page Development.
5 Accountbl Accountbl offers attest, tax, accounting, and business advisory services to a variety of startups, small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Our mission is to bring positive change in our clients by helping them achieve their goals as well as providing a respectful and supportive work environment for our team by promoting quality, diversity and respect for ideas and creativity.
6 Accounting Connections Seattle | Puyallup  – Accounting Services for Business & Individuals Personal & Business Accountant – CAP, RTRP, ATP, AFSP. Accredited Accountant & Taxation, Quickbooks Certified  Advisor. Request a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. Personal and Business Accounting. Tax preperation and returns. Full list of services. General Accounting Service. Prior year returns. Business startup services. Accounting Software Setup. My name is Trina Belcher-Freeman, founder of Accounting Connections.
7 Home | Accounting Scape Your financial experts. Welcome to Accounting Scape. At , Reactive Accounting Scape listening is the foundation of our business. We take the time to get to know our clients so we can find practical ways to meet their accounting and Tax needs,understand their struggles, and help them achieve their financial goals. From startups and entrepreneurs to established enterprises, we provide quality accounting services and strategic tax planning to all types of businesses.
8 Altitude Assurance Services & Solutions. Service Partner Network™. Through our managed services we provide comprehensive solutions for every budget with services in Accounting/Tax, Insurance, Consulting, Human Resources, Marketing, Startup and Technology. Our business analysis takes complex financial information and creates easy to understand clear, concise and accurate narrative reports for our clients allowing them to make better proactive business decisions.
9 Alva Advisory Finance, Accounting & Tax Services Built for Innovators. Helping Bright Ideas Shine. You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression. For early-stage companies this old adage has never been more relevant. The commitment of your startup is conveyed to potential investors through the quality of your financials and the credibility of your service providers.
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14 BBM & ASSOCIATES Your Middle Tennessee Flexible Talent Solution. BBM IS YOUR BACK OFFICE TEAM. BBM & Associates helps businesses get more done on a budget they can afford. BBM & Associates offers an accounting solution platform for a variety of businesses —Fortune 100 companies, growing businesses, family-run enterprises and startups—to high-quality local professionals. Our experts provide skills from accounting, taxes, and payroll… to everyday paperwork.
15 Virtual Accounting & Consulting | Belaire Advisory Group Chicago-based Virtual Accounting & Consulting firm for small businesses and startups. Focus on your business and leave the accounting and finance to us!
16 Benedict George CPA Expert, Proactive Tax Planning. Ready to assist you. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, Benedict George has expert knowledge of tax laws to serve all your accounting needs. We  are dedicated to provide exceptional business, tax, and financial advice to companies and individuals. In addition to  tax preparation services, we specialize in startup businesses, nonprofits, and existing service-oriented businesses.
17 Home – Blank Space Consultants Accounting + Advisory & Analytics. Located in South Florida, Blank Space Consultants is a boutique consulting firm that combines a senior-level, front-office mentality with “high” technology to create optimal reporting, workflows and analytics for small businesses and startups. We utilize a three-step process that includes: . Analysis (and correction if necessary) of current accounting practices and other relevant data to ensure accuracy.
18 Home | Blum & Clark CPAs Blum & Clark Certified Public Accountants, LLP is a full service tax and accounting firm based in San Diego, California. Trusted experts for 40+ years. Bookkeeping, Audit Support, Reviews & Compilation, Strategy, Estates & Trusts, Retirement, Entities, M&A for startups, businesses & individuals.
19 Buckeye Tax and Accounting Enterprises, LLC — Home Page Your one spot for all your tax needs. Individual and business returns are our specialties. If you are starting up a business contact us to inquire about our business startup review (including payroll and bookkeeping). Buckeye Tax and Accounting Enterprises, LLC is located in Toledo, Ohio.
20 Holbrook & Manter | Small Business Accounting Services Columbus, Ohio Located in Columbus, Ohio, Holbrook & Manter provides accounting services, like quarterly tax preparation & bookkeeping, for small businesses & startups.
21 Home | C² Fund Services LLC A customizable solution to fit your Fund’s needs. C² Fund Services provides Fund managers with first class consulting and administration services customized to fit their Fund’s needs. Whether you are a startup with great growth potential or a veteran Fund needing independent back office and reporting functionality, we have the solution ready for you. C² Fund Services covers the entire spectrum of partnership accounting, administration and beyond.
22 Tax and Accounting Services Tax and Accounting Professionals. Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to. We offer a full range of tax planning and tax preparation services for individuals, business owners, trusts and estates. Our staff consists of CPAs and Enrolled Agents who are accountants with over 20 years of professional experience. Our clients range from individuals to internet startups, long-time family businesses, successful entrepreneurs, partnerships and established corporations.
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24 Home | Carbins Miller Agency Your Trusted Accountants. Carbins Miller Agency has been providing excellent bookkeeping and tax consultation services since 2000. We are take on the accounting details of your business so you can focus on the important day-to-day activities. All your small business and bookkeeping needs in one place. We can help you with Accounts Payable, Billing, Collections, Payroll, Reconciliations, Financial Statements and Business Startup Services.
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29 Hospitality Consulting | United States | Convergeconcepts is a hospitality consulting and project development firm located in San Diego California specializing in new restaurant startups and operational management. Our services include, concept development, market positioning, restaurant operations, marketing, senior accounting services, HR and PEO.
30 Cornerstone Business Development | Start-Up & Small Business Consulting | Denver, CO Cornerstone Business Development, your premier Denver consulting firm for small business consulting, business registrations and startup accounting.
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33 Cui & Associates – The combination of legal, tax and accounting services, representing an efficient and high degree of cooperation among  the professions, provides individuals and startup companies with more continuous and timely professional assistance. The combination of legal,  tax and accounting services,  representing an efficient and high degree of cooperation among the professions, provides individuals, Hi-tech startups and global business oriented companies with more continuous and timely professio
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43 Livermore, CA Dublin, CA QuickBooks bookkeeping, accounting help Pleasanton, CA Franklin Management | Home Home | Franklin Management Systems, Inc. offers accounting, tax, and advisory services to small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and startups in Pleasanton/East Bay, CA and Boston, MA. Part-time CFO/Controller services. NetSuite, QuickBooks.
44 CPAs | Baltimore MD | Sam Finkelstein, Moshe D. Shurin & David Landman Accounting Firm in Pikesville, MD. Services include Accounting Services Compilation & Review Services Financial Statement Preparation Quickbooks Services Business Startup and Dissolution Individual & Business Tax Preparation Tax Consulting Income Tax Planning Strategies Payroll Services & Reporting
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82 Liberty Professional Services, LLC – Charles R. Liberty, Certified Public Accountant – Middleton, Wisconsin Liberty Professional Services, LLC – tax preparation, accounting services, business startup services, small business services and QuickBooks consulting in Madison, Wisconsin and Middleton, Wisconsin
83 About Us | Li, Xu & Associates, CPA, PLLC is a professional service firm providing accounting and assurance, tax, business consulting, and CFO services to a wide range of companies from startups to public firms. Guided by the core values-Competence, Honesty and integrity, Professionalism, Dedication, Responsibility and Accountability-it is looking to provide services with highest quality and leadership through the active involvement with a belief that its success can only be validated by its clients’ successes.
84 Home | St. Johns Small Business Services Johns Small Business Services, aka LocalBizHelp, specializes in a variety of accounting services with outstanding support. We understand how busy you are, and with our expertise we can take care of your accounting needs quickly and effectively. We are equipped to handle the books for you, leaving you to worry less and live more. Contact us today for help with recording and documenting business transactions, payroll services, startup help, tax planning, referral services and much more.
85 Luxor Accounting – Building Higher Standards Together Accounting & Bookkeeping Services. Tax Strategy & Planning. Business Formation & Startup Consulting. Contracts & Service Agreements. OFAC Licence & Trademark Registration.
86 Maemura & Co. CPA’s LLP Skip to primary navigation. Skip to main content. Skip to footer. Full-Service International Accounting and Tax Firm. Silicon Valley Based, offering services from Startups to Multinational companies. International Tax and Business Advisors. CPAs LLP is a boutique accounting and advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, California. We represent clients located in the United States, European, and Asian countries.
87 Mark Shahbazian, CPA – Auditing for nonprofit organizations Welcome to the practice of Mark Shahbazian, CPA. I prepare all tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships and Corporations. I also consult on New Business Startups and I provide Accounting Services, Tax Planning, and much more.
88 Pro@ctive Advisory | Alpharetta Accountant Atlanta | CPA Suwanee | Accountant Johns Creek |  Roswell Accounting |  Norcross Tax Specialist – Home At Proactive CPA we have a team of creative and knowledge CPAs who will learn about and care about your business. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, we provide Tax Preparation, Year-end Tax Planning, Management Meetings, QuickBooks Assistance, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, New Business Startup and Current Business Tune-up, IRS and State Tax Agency Audit Representation, Small Business Person Of The Year, Small Business Person Of Excellence, 5 Star Wealth Manager
89 Mattari Group, LLC :: Finance, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, & HR for Cannabis Startups Mattari Group, LLC is a Keating Consulting Group is a Silicon Valley/San Francisco-based accounting firm and consultancy providing interim financial leadership and back office support to startups and early-stage companies specializing in cannabis, hemp, and CBD products and services.
90 Maryland Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Service – Accounting, Tax Preparation, Planning, Small Business Startups, Quickbooks Training in Maryland Maryland Full service Tax and Accounting company in Carroll County, Westminster, Maryland providing bookkeeping, tax planning, tax preparation, quickbooks training, business entity startups and more
91 CAL MAR CPA GROUP – Offering tax preparation services, business startups, incorporation services, nonprofit organizations, audit services, payroll services, sales taxes, dba fictitious business name filing, controller business management services, late s c MEDICAL MARIJUANA INDUSTRY  TAX & ACCOUNTING EXPERTS, Certified Public Accountant and Business Consultant located in Glendale, CA. Certified Public Accountants,  CPA offers tax preparation services, business startups, incorporation services, nonprofit organizations, audit services, payroll services, sales taxes, dba fictitious business name filing, controller business management services, late s corporation election help in Glendale, CA, minutes from Burbank, La Crescenta, La Canada, North Hollywood, Eagle
92 Meridian Financial Services Meridian Financial Services provides accounting consulting, tax preparation   and financial planning to individuals, small companies, and startups in   Greater Boston.
93 Home – Michael Hinze CPA PC Certified Public Accountant Serving North Chicago and Evanston, IL Area. Michael Hinze CPA PC provides full service certified public accounting solutions for Chicago near North through Evanston. Our focus is individuals, sole-practitioners and micro-businesses. We welcome startups as well as established practitioners. We welcome all industries as our current client base includes consultants, real estate agents, physicians, contractors, personal services, lawyers, programmers, professors, designers, entertai
94 Accounting, Tax & Consulting | Morrison & Morrison We are trusted advisors for accounting, tax and accounting software, serving startups, small businesses, family practices, and mid-market companies
95 Shannon G. Roldan, CPA, LLC & David H. Gilliland – Certified Public Accountants in Mukwonago, WI David H. Gilliland, CPA is a Mukwonago, WI based accounting firm.  Our experienced staff handle all of your accounting needs from monthly, quarterly and annual accounting services, financial statement preparation, payroll tax reporting, personal and business tax preparation and consulting, business startup consultation, sales tax preparation and more.
96 Home – Accounting and Financial Consulting. Small Business Specialist. Accounting and Financial Consulting. Financial Business Consulting focuses on your critical business functions and translates your unique information and data into useful measurement tools and processes. We work with both new startups and established businesses to leverage their potential. For new business startups, we provide consulting services to help them establish a framework for growth and profitability.
97 Woodland Hills CPA Navarro Accounting & Consulting is a CPA that provides your business with an intelligent tax preparer for your small business or startup. I provide a one stop shop for all of your accounting services. Try us.
98 HOME | Mysite NORRIS FINANCE & ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS LLC. Tax & Advisory Specialists. See how we can help you grow your small business or startup. Meet our team, click more below. News & Publications. Wills & Trusts. Mark Hanna, My Car Autosales.
99 Nickson Financial Services LLC Nickson Financial Services. These are the principles we’ve built our business on. If you’re in need of accounting or financial services, please give us a call. It would be our pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation. At Nickson Financial Services, LLC, we specialize in financial consulting and services for startups, small businesses, sole proprietors and individuals.
100 Accounting, Payroll, HR, Tax & Finance Services For Startups Affordable back office solution which includes Accounting Services, Online payroll services & tax preparation for startup to SME
101 Northstar Financial | CFO, Accounting & Tax Firm | Call Now CFO, Accounting & Tax Firm. We remove that burden, so you can focus on growing your business. From startups to multi-million dollar companies, we ensure our clients are always audit and investment ready. We remove that burden, so you can focus on growing your business. By handling bookkeeping and accounting, monthly budgeting, tax filings, financial forecasting and 280E strategy, weu2019ll boost the bottom line.
102 CPA Tax Firm Fremont CA – Optimize Accounting Solutions Optimize Accounting Solutions is a CPA, tax & Accounting Firm in Fremont CA. We offer tax accounting solutions to startups and mid-size companies.
103 One For All Accounting & Tax Services – One For All Accounting & Tax Services One For All Accounting is a multilingual CPA firm located in Farmington Hills, Michigan with services including business startup, accounting, tax preparation, and irs representation
104 Paul Willbanks CPA Delaware tax and accounting services CPA for Tax Planning & preparation, business accounting services, financial statements and registrations for startup businesses in Middletown, Delaware area.
105 PETROSKEY & ASSOCIATES If you’re in need of bookkeeping/accounting services, please give us a call. It would be our pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation. At Petroskey & Associates, we specialize in consulting & bookkeeping services for startups, small businesses, sole proprietors, and individuals.
106 Polk Advisors Corporate & Business Taxes. R&D Tax Credit Studies . Tax Audit Assistance. Streamlining accounting processes to make your monthly close painless. From budgeting to business licenses and M&A, we can help your business grow. R&D TAX CREDITS . Deep expertise in R&D Tax Credit Studies for startups and large businesses. Setting up or upgrading your payroll systems with automated solutions.
107 Home – Professional Practice Management | Dental Practice Transitions | Dental Practice CPAs Accounting | Atlanta Dental Supply PPM assists Dentists with Practice Transitions, Dental CPAs & Accounting, Dental Practice Sales, Startup Consulting, Office Design & Equipment, and more.
108 PREMIER Tax and Finance Premier Tax & Finance. Give us a few minutes, and you’ll never worry about tax and accounting again. Premier Tax and Finance, Inc. With over 20 Years of experience in Corporate Finance, Financial Management, Tax Preparation & Planning and Corporate Structuring, we are the trusted advisor to CEOs and owners of a multitude of business types. We serve startups to multimillion-dollar companies, in addition to individuals starting their first job to those that have been around the job market for some time.
109 Sandra K. Pridemore CPA, PA – Specializing in small business and individual accounting and taxes Specializing in small business and individual accounting and taxes. Specializing in small business and individual accounting and taxes. Business Startup Consulting. Business Tax Return Preparation. Financial Advisory Services. Financial Statement Preparation. Full Service Bookkeeping. Payroll and Payroll Tax Returns. Quickbooks Consulting and Setup. Financial Planning Services.
110 Profit Matters – Online Bookkeeping Services We provide remote tax and accounting services for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Outsource your bookkeeping to save valuable time and money.
111 CSA Consulting Solving your business needs. We can replace your back office with accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping support. When it comes to complex issues, rely on us. CSA Consulting has over 25 years experience in the enterprise technology stack. Contact us today for a capabilities sheet. Let’s build something together. We developed strategies for both startups and seasoned businesses.
112 Steven C. Resuta CPA – Save taxes & increase profits! Steven C. Resuta CPA helps Susquehanna Valley businesses save taxes & increase profits!  Located in Elysburg, PA is an established, full service Accounting & Tax Firm providing exceptional, personal  CPA service from startup through success to PA businesses & families. Certified QuickBooks Advisor, Web Design, & E-solutions.
113 Rivers & Moorehead – Rivers & Moorehead Accounting consulting solutions that will lead your organization down the right path. Our national client base, from startups to Fortune 500s, engage us to develop and execute accounting processes, prepare for audits, address valuation needs and meet SEC obligations. We are an accounting firm, not a staffing agency, and our full-time consultants utilize proprietary tools, templates and methodologies to deliver cost effective solutions.
114 RL Consulting LLC. » ROBERT   LIAO , CPA RL CONSULTING LLC is a professional firm providing accounting, assurance, tax compliance, business advisory and consulting services to a wide range of companies from sole proprietorships, startups,to mid-size firms. Our clientele comes from different business sectors: restaurants, fashion and beauty, law firms and medical practices, real estates and construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, e-commerce, logistics, and international trading.
115 Roth & Associates – Greenwood Village CPA’s We are located in Greenwood Village and provide accounting and tax services. We also help small startup companies set up their books and accounting needs.
116 RW Phipps CPA – Orlando CPA You Don’t Have to Be a Tax Expert. That’s What We Do. RW Phipps, Greater Orlando CPA. At RW Phipps we help manage the accounting needs all types of businesses in Central Florida. We assist new business startups as well as established businesses for the purpose of allowing you to do what you do best… run your business or organization. Have you received letters from the IRS, and don’t know what to do.
117 Home These are the principles we’ve built our business on. If you are in need of tax preparation, accounting, or financial services, please gives us a call. It would be our pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation. At Savin Rock Tax & Financial Services, we specialize in financial consulting and services for sole proprietors, individuals, rental property owners, startups, small businesses, S-Corporations, and LLC’s.
118 About us – Seruwage CPA and Consulting, LLL New Business Startups. Some of Our Clients. Businesses, Nonprofits and Individuals. Seruwage Consulting and CPAs is an affordable Full Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Service for all businesses that offers Quality and Professional Service at a Quick turnaround time. Our Clients is our Priority. We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to all Business types ranging from Sole Traders, Micro Businesses, Mid-Sized, Small Businesses, Profit, Non-Profit Businesses and individuals
119 Shad J. Allen, CPA, PLLC – Accounting, Tax Preparation, Audit We provide accounting, bookkeeping,business startup, payroll, tax return preparation for businesses and individuals, auditing, compilation, and review services.
120 Shechter & Associates – South Florida’s Premier Accounting and Booking Services for SMB’s IRS Refund Assistance. Florida Department of Revenue. Florida Department of State. IRS Refund Assistance. Florida Department of Revenue. Florida Department of State. Shechter & Associates, LLP provides compliance, accounting and tax consulting services across multiple industries for startups to established businesses. We advise our clients by providing customized solutions and improvements to help them succeed in their business.
121 Shiloh Accounting Make Every Dollar Serve Your Business. Shiloh Accounting provides boutique tax and accounting services, catered to startups, small-mid sized businesses, and individuals that seek open communication and personalized service. Our services include tax compliance, audit support, tax research, bookkeeping,  accounting, establishing business accounting best practices, auditing accounting records, business management, and financial counseling.
122 Accountant in Centerville, OH | Accounting Firm | CPA Firm Accountant in Dayton, OH. Skelley & Company CPAs is a local accounting firm located in Dayton, OH and serving individuals and businesses throughout Southwestern Ohio. We provide all of our clients with the unique, specific accounting services they need, including taxes, financial statement preparation and general accounting, as well as consulting services for mergers and acquisitions, startups and pension funds.
123 Skilled Accountant – Skilled Accountant LLC Book Keeping Services. New Buisness Startup. Some Of Our Clients. Skilled Accountant LLC is an affordable Full Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Service for all business that offers Quality and Professional Service at a Quick turnaround time. Our Clients is our Priority. We are here to contribute to your business success by providing Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Services.
124 Company Formation |Business Startup |Bookkeeping We provide company formation ,Business startup , company formation,Accounting services ,Tax Return  and payroll processing .
125 Steven T. Spinello, CPA CPA with 30+ years professional experience. Conveniently located in eastern   Monmouth County on Highway 35 near Red Bank, NJ. Services include income   tax preparation, accounting, estate and wealth planning, startup advice,   college savings, retirement and financial planning.
126 Startup Business Accounting Firm San Francisco | SBA Startup Business Accounting Services is the best service partner for Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, HR, Taxes, Equity, 409A & Business Formation services for small-medium businesses.
127 Stonemill Consulting – Software Quality and Testing Delivering Solutions that Align with your Business Needs. Increase the overall product quality, usability, performance, security, and compatibility of your software products with our testing services. Project Advisory Services & IV&V. Executive-level oversight for both public and private sector IT projects. Accounting and Tax services for small businesses, startups and individuals.
128 Tassi and Company – Certified Public Accountants and Consultants TASSI and Company is a full-service public accounting and consulting firm helping real estate owners, developers, managers and investors maximize profit, control risk and achieve growth. What We Do Since its founding in 1990, TASSI and Company has served as a trusted business partner to real estate companies of all sizes, from startups to institutional…
129 taxcpa4u – Home Full Accounting Services. Business Startup Services. Audit Preparation Services. Nonprofits and Associations. Construction & Real Estate. Payroll Tax Due Dates. Track Your Refund. IRS Tax Forms & Pubs. State Tax Forms. Record Retention Guidelines. THEODORE THIEN NGUYEN, CPA, PC. Looking for high-quality financial and tax advice and complete accounting services at a reasonable price.
130 Taxes and All – Tax Biz Startup Packages. Tax Preparers Course. We Are Tax Resolution Experts. Contact us today to get your tax problem resolved. Contact Us for a FREE Consultation. Taxes and All is an accounting firm that specializes in tax preparation and tax strategy. Our firm consists of experienced tax professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in accounting, budgeting, 1120 tax preparation, financial analyses,.
131 Tax & Financial Center of South Florida, LLC Receive fast big return within the law. We’ll help you apply for all the tax IDs and forms you need. We’ll help with all your health & life insurance needs. We’ll assist you from startups through growth organizations. Our office is here to help you and your business. From preparing your personal taxes to assisting you with all your accounting business needs.
132 Home | Roxanne P Ostlund, CPA Welcome to Roxanne P Ostlund, CPA. Quality Accounting Services. I’ve got an extensive background dealing with taxation and accounting demands for a wide range of clients. Having worked with small startups, large corporations, and individuals, I’m up for any challenge that comes my way. Whatever financial advice you need, please contact me to see how I can get you started today.
133 Richardson Consulting Business and Financial Consulting, Accounting and Tax Preparation. I have experience helping small and startup companies with all aspects of growing a business. I provide Strategic and Financial Consulting including budgeting, financial planning, and forecasting as well as all elements of Accounting and Corporate Finance including general ledger, cost and financial statement and tax preparation.
134 The Heroes Group CPA Small Business Accounting & Tax Services The Heroes Group small business accounting firm provides accounting services, tax compliance and online payroll for small businesses and startups in Orlando
135 The Levanter Accounting & Tax Services. Business Process Outsourcing & Consultancy. The Levanter Guide to Startups. Accounting & Tax Services. BPO & Consultancy. The Levanter Guide to Startups. The Levanter gathered out of Atlanta, Georgia during perhaps the most bustling economic climates any city of our time has ever experienced. The Levanter is poised to empower entrepreneurs around the globe with the same energy that propelled it out of ATL.
136 The Steadfast Group – The Steadfast Group Whether that’s running your business, spending time with family, or enjoying the outdoors, we want to use our expertise to give you your time back. Whether you are an individual, a small startup, or a large, multi-national corporation, you’ll receive the same level of knowledge, diligence, and personalized service. Supplemental Accounting Support. Consulting & Other Services.
137 The Taxman – Accounting Services – Miami, Florida We specialize in financial modeling, from startups to public companies. Insights & Solutions To Help Reach Your Global And Local Objectives. Tax preparation and Accounting Management. Need a tax preparation company to help you with your taxes. Consumer Reports helps you get the process started. Wanna Talk To Us. Please feel free to contact us. We’re super happy to talk to you.
138 Tokar & Co., CPAs  |  (440) 322-6000 – Certified Public Accountants | Jay Tokar We understand the importance of your time and want to assist by giving you more time to focus on your business, while we focus on the details of your financial matters. Whether you are a startup company or mature in your market, our professionals have the experience to help you with all your professional needs. Our experienced professionals can help your business thrive with our professional services, including accounting, tax, and advisory services.
139 Tom Hodge CPA Blog – Tax, Accounting and General Advice for Small Businesses and Startups Accounting tax startup startups small business tools
140 Corporate taxes and accounting management. Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. QuickBooks startup and training… – TPBS Corp Corporate taxes and accounting management. Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. QuickBooks startup and training. Filling New Companies. Individual taxes prcessing.
141 E. Todd Pepper, CPA TODD PEPPER, CPA. ACCOUNTING AND TAX CONSULTIVE SERVICES. Leaders in Startup and. For any inquiries, please call or email us:.
142 Twig Group – Contract Accounting Services – Accountant, Tax Personalized tax, accounting, business advisory & contracted CFO services serving startups, businesses of any size, high income individuals.Focused in Tulsa, OK
143 TW Taxes – Tax preparation service in San Diego, California SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTING. SMALL BUSINESS STARTUP. Uniformed Heroes Discount. PAY TAXES ONLINE. Tax Season Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful. Starting a business is difficult and unpredictable. Having the right advice every step of the way is critical to the future success of your new business. UNIFORM HERO DISCOUNTS. All members of the U. S Armed Forces and First Responders will receive a 30% discount.
144 Vasquez Tax Service | Taxes, Payroll and Bookkeeping Advice on accounting-related matters to a wide range of services involving diverse disciplines, industry knowledge, and consulting skills. Individual and Business federal and state income tax preparation. Authorized provider IRS e-file. Check writing, payroll Registry and Reporting, W2-W3 / 1099-1096, EFPTS Electronic payments to IRS. Business Bookkeeping-Write-Up, Bank Reconciliations, Small Business Consulting, New Business Startups with Regulatory Agencies.
145 Virtuous Accountants-N-Tax Services LLC. Build Your Business with Professionals. VATS LLC is a firm strong in faith and experienced in the field of Accounting and Taxes. We work with change-oriented executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire. We specialize in Accounting services, Quickbooks, Payroll services, Audits, Business startups, Business classification, Profit and Nonprofit Business, and Prepare Individual & Business Taxes TIMELY & with INTEGRITY.
146 Accountant Services | Vraiworld We At Vraiworld Provide Assistance With Your Personal & Business Taxes, Tax Planning, Business Startup, Personal Credit Repair, Establishing Business Credit, Budgeting, Bookkeeping, Asset Management, and Accounting Services.
147 Washington Tax & Financial Service | Falls Church, VA Accounting | Bookkeeping | Tax | Business Startup Consulting servicing in DC, VA, and MD
148 Devine CPA & Co. | Tax & Accounting Services Business Income Tax Returns. Individual Income Tax Returns. Accounting Process Development. Quickbooks Setup & Training. New Business Startup. Christina Devine, CPA West Lafayette, Indiana Tax & Accounting Services. CPA, Christina Devine is located in West Lafayette serving clients throughout the United States. We offer our clients tax and accounting services for individuals, businesses and federal research grants (SBIR & STTR Accounting).
149 Home | WP Consulting, LLC WP Consulting, LLC (WPC) offers a wide range of accounting and financial consulting services for startups to mid-size businesses. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you grow your business, and learn how to properly manage your expansion or your next project. We assist companies with improving operating and financial performance, and navigate business, compliance and tax matters.
150 XEREBRO • Accounting. Business. Consulting. We provide virtual accounting, trusted business advisory, and management consulting services for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.
151 Zhong & Sanchez One-Stop-Shop Tax, Finance, Accounting and HR services for Startups and   Entrepreneurs. We do it all, so you can stay focused on your business. Our   experience in tax and accounting will free you from back office work: our   extensive knowledge with start-ups will help you grow in the most efficient   way.

In Conclusion

Running a profitable startup may not be simple but it need not be complicated or impossible either.

You don’t need to be a business graduate or a wizard with numbers to understand the simple metrics behind a startup’s success. 

The numbers that you are going to be dealing with may look intimidating, but you should always remember – they only look intimidating. 

However, you can always seek help from an accountant or an accounting firm for a more professional and accurate data analysis.

Growth and profit are both subjective and they mean different things to different entrepreneurs. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one calculation metric may not be suitable for all businesses. 

Once you have all the numbers in place, you need to include them in your investor’s pitch. Check out our article on how to create your startup’s investor pitch deck to prepare a killer presentation for your potential investors.

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