10 Jobs AI Will Replace: Is Yours At A Risk Of Getting Displaced?
Jobs That AI Will Replace

10 Jobs That AI Will Replace: Is Yours At A Risk Of Getting Displaced?

There’s a lot of chat and hush-hush conversations on how AI is more of a curse than a boon. In fact, many believe that there are several jobs that AI will replace.

“I believe AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity” is what Kai-Fu Lee, former President of Google China, and author of “AI Superpowers” said in his interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley.

Known as the ‘Oracle of AI’ for his leading insights into the future of artificial intelligence, Lee believes that among the jobs that AI will replace, a majority of them comprise mainly of repetitive jobs. 


These jobs include tasks that can easily be automated and which not only include blue-collared jobs but several white-collar tasks in accounting, healthcare, hospitality, etc. 

What is unsettling is the rate of change at which AI is being implemented and will increasingly be implemented in the next couple of decades.

This doesn’t leave humans with enough time to learn the required skills that can be supplemented for the jobs that AI will replace.  

However, some experts beg to differ. “I see AI as a complementary part of our lives – it is here to help us and improve our daily tasks – not to replace us,” says Dr. Danica Damljanovic, CEO, and Co-founder at SentientMachines.TECH when asked whether artificial intelligence will replace human intelligence

While there are several different arguments about what AI means for our jobs, there was a paper published in 2013 that estimates the probability of computerization of few detailed occupations. 

10 Jobs That AI Will Replace

10 Jobs That AI Will Replace

1. Telemarketers 

With a probability as high as 99.9%, this is probably at the top of the list of jobs that AI will replace,  We already receive automated calls on behalf of various businesses.

Skillsets required to be a successful telemarketer don’t involve a high level of social or emotional intelligence, and at the current stage, the conversion rate of telemarketing is quite low.

In fact, the career growth expectancy for telemarketing is slated to be as low as 3% in the coming years.

2.  Book-Keeping Professionals   

This is another one high on the list of jobs that AI will replace, with a 98% likelihood of complete automation in the near future.

Tools and applications such as MS Office, QuickBooks, and several other improving technologies and increased adaptation of these tools will make this the job extinct.

The job of book-keeping professionals will no longer need a human for keeping books in check. In fact, this job is already on a path of decline with an expectation of an 8% reduction by 2024

3. Benefits Managers

The job growth for benefits manager is likely to increase by 7% by 2024, however, that does not exclude it from the list of jobs that AI will replace with the likelihood as high as 96%.

As businesses are expanding, benefits and compensation management systems are getting automated thus saving a lot of time and effort.

Automated systems are gaining popularity, especially with larger business organizations providing help to their employees with promised benefits and compensations.


4. Receptionists

Most multinational companies and large business organizations that do not have an office-wide telephoning system are going for automated phoning and scheduling systems.

These advanced communication systems have practically replaced the role of a receptionist. With a 96% possibility of computerization and automation of this role, it is easily one of the jobs that AI will replace in the coming years. 

5. Delivery Partners 

Get ready to have your courier and other mailing services delivered by drones and robotic devices as delivery partners will no longer be needed. 

With robotic takeover as high as 58% in the next couple of decades and a probability of complete automation of this job at 94%, this is one job that AI will surely replace in the near future. 

6. Proofreaders

Proofreading applications and software are already being used on several blogging sites.

These tools primarily comprise of self-checking mechanisms and applications that detect grammatical errors and plagiarism and even correct the sentences on their own. 

An example of one such tool is GrammarlyThe replacement probability of a proof-reader is as high as 84%, and a large chunk of this job will be completely automated in the next few years. 

7. Computer Support Specialists

Content in the form of tips, guidelines, instructions, are available in abundance online. AI platforms and automated systems like chatbots use available content to answer FAQs and address customer support questions.

This field is expected to grow at the rate of 12% by 2024, however, the possibility that AI will replace these jobs is estimated to be 65%.

8. Data Analysts

Data analysts or market research analysts are very crucial for content development and marketing strategies. The application of AI in marketing predominantly involves analyzing data insights and automating content, thus reducing the involvement of humans in the process.

The replacement possibility is as high as 61%, making market research analysts one of the jobs that AI will replace in the coming years.


9. Advertising Salespersons

AI is transforming Advertising and with the shift from print media to online and social media marketing, advertising sales do not require salespeople to manage and market ad spaces. 

Social media platforms are offering easier and faster ways of promoting businesses along with deeper insights into customer behavior and ROI.

This has resulted in a decline of 3% in the advertising sales industry and a projected likelihood of 54% of being completely automated.

10. Retail Salespersons

Amazon has completely transformed the shopping experience by making the process completely automated, one that doesn’t require any human assistance.

With a high likelihood of 92%, the job of retail sales personnel may just be replaced with completely automated solutions. 

Final Thoughts 

When and how these projections come true is something that only time will tell.

Although this shows that certain jobs can be replaced by AI, it doesn’t mean that every job that a human can do in today’s day and age is replaceable – at least not with the current technology. 

Humans and AI can and will co-exist. Together, they will make lives easier and more efficient for humankind, and hopefully more sustainable.

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