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Looking for the perfect name
for your tech brand
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.tech is the de facto online address for programmers, startups, tech brands, influencers and enthusiasts, the world over. If you’re in the tech space, you deserve to be on a .tech.

Got tech or technology in your brand name?

Register a short and simple name on a .tech domain extension and make it sleeker and easier to remember.

viacomtech.com viacom.tech

Why register a domain name that doesn’t resonate with you?

If you’re in the tech industry, register a .tech domain to get a web address that truly represents your brand as opposed to settling for a long .COM domain name or a bizarre .IO domain name.

strongerinternational.com stronger.tech

A .tech domain is as friendly as any other domain extension when it comes to SEO rankings. What’s more?

Now you can get richer keywords when you register a .tech and make your site SEO-friendly as opposed to a lower quality name on a generic domain extensions.

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Who else is using .tech?

Who, isn’t?

With more than 255K users over the last 2 years, .tech has seen rapid adoption from startups, tech brands, events,
influencers, hackathons and programmers across the world.


Tech frontliners are choosing .tech to get an edge over their competition and be more relevant in a highly saturated tech space. CES upgraded from .org to CES.tech, Viacom switched from Viacomtech.com to Viacom.tech and Intel started their latest tech initiative on Insight.tech.


Upcoming startups have quickly jumped onto the bandwagon and opted for .tech domain names for their cutting-edge products. With 15,000+ revolutionary startups raising more than $300M in combined funding, .tech is truly spearheading global innovation.


Social and tech industry influencers like Edgar Oganesyan, Andru Edwards, Jacklyn Dallas and others have got a .tech domain as it’s a perfect product fit and makes for great branding for their content and makes it easy for their users to remember.


From US, Canada, Europe to China and India, .tech has supported over 400 hackathons and enabled 40000 students globally. More than 5000 personal and professional projects have been created on .tech as a result.


.tech has supported more than 30+ developer conferences and startup events, reaching more than 20000+ programmers and entrepreneurs. Top global tech events have been quick to adopt .tech domains.

Wait, but what about .io, you ask?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here is why registering a .tech domain is better than getting a .io domain:

  • 1.

    A .tech domain explains your passion a lot more than a .io – which stands for input output. If your passion is tech, then explain that with a .tech domain!

  • 2.

    A .tech domain is universally accepted and understood as opposed to a .io domain which is understood within the tech industry only.

  • 3.

    A .tech domain is good for SEO if you’re in the tech field and looking for a ‘tech’ focused name, which is a benefit it has over .io.

  • 4.

    Just the fact that .tech sounds way cooler, right?