7 reasons why a .tech domain is perfect for your next website

7 reasons why a .tech domain is perfect for your next website

“Why should I get a .tech for my website?” if that’s what’s on your mind, you are in the right page.. err.. place. Of course, if you have to pick a domain name for your next big idea or passion project, you have to be sure that you are making the right decision. And to help you unpack all the layers that go into choosing that perfect domain name, we have here everything that you need. 


1. Your domain name is available … on .tech


Don’t we all just hate rejection, even if it’s from a domain name checker? We have all been in that place where we excitedly type the domain name we want in the checker only to be served the message, “That domain name is already taken.” Well, .tech has you covered there. Plenty of fantastic names are available on .tech, including your own full name! Don’t believe us? Try it, try it now: 



2. You can get .tech at over 200+ domain registrar websites 


You can get your .tech domain name on this website – right here, right now. But if for any reason, you wish to buy your domain name from, say, GoDaddy or Namecheap or any other domain name registrar, you can do so easily. 


3. Did you say, “Who else is using .tech?” Well… who isn’t?  


Intel Corporation uses insight.tech for its IoT blog, CES®, the world’s largest consumer tech event, moved to ces.tech from cesweb.org; Aurora Innovation, Inc, a self-driving tech startup with $600M+ in funding is on aurora.tech..and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From funded startups to global events, from industry influencers to tech institutions; the tech industry is on .tech ..and they are waiting for you to come aboard! 


4. You can’t go wrong with .tech if you have a tech-y website 


Which of the following tell you about the website’s purpose and brand story? 


  • www.hivecupapp.com
  • www.breakinto.tech  


Wait, don’t answer that. 


Most people have resorted to weirded out business names that only they know the meaning of. And as if that weren’t enough, they have had to add fillers such as “app”, “the”, “pro” to get a .com. The result? They have to spend massive marketing dollars in brand building and positioning of the business. 


On the other hand… the startup “Break Into Tech” has the domain name  breakinto.tech. No explanation needed. Do you have an idea that you want to get an innovative domain name for? Search right here: 



5. Are you thinking .. “Umm.. wait ..what about my website SEO? 


What about it? 


A website’s SEO depends on hundreds of algorithms and criteria (and domain extension ain’t one of them)! In fact, Google has put out a detailed post on its Webmaster Central Blog about how new domain extensions (such as .tech) do not impact a website’s search ranking on Google. 


However, having a keyword-rich domain name on .tech is better for:


  • getting backlinks on relevant anchor text
  • branding and positioning 
  • building authority as a tech-related website 

In fact, Google uses various new domain extensions for its own digital assets because it’s great for branding. 


6. You can get a shorter domain name on .tech and Google search would reward you for THAT  


That’s what he said!


John Mueller, Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, answered the question about long URL vs short URL in a Google Hangout. Here are the exact words: 


“What definitely plays a role here is when we have two URLs that have the same content, and we try to pick one to show in the search results, www will pick the short one. So that is specifically around canonicalization.

It doesn’t mean it is a ranking factor, but it means if we have two URLs and one is really short and sweet and this other one has this long parameter attached to it and we know they show exactly the same content we will try to pick the shorter one.

There are lots of exceptions there, different factors that come into play, but everything else being equal – you have a shorter one and a longer one, we will try to pick the shorter one.”


7. .tech is as tech does 


If you are in the tech space, you obviously want to have an identity that reflects your innovative thinking and future-focused ideas. With .tech domains, you get an opportunity to do so effortlessly.  


For your next website, get a domain name on .tech and you know it will work in your favor on all fronts! 

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