When t’was Crunch time, .tech certainly was loud!

When t’was Crunch time, .tech certainly was loud!

We’re back from TechCrunch Disrupt that took place from Sept 21-23 in San Francisco, and what a truly fantastic event it was!

San Francisco is one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the world and presented us with an opportunity to interact with the globe’s brightest young minds. .tech certainly shone amongst all other domain extensions present at the event, mainly because of it’s relevance to the techies that thronged TechCrunch over the 3 days of the conference.

Our booth saw a flurry of people at all times who were certainly happy to learn about .tech! Several interesting startup domain names on .tech were given free to encourage them to use a relevant and definitive domain extension for their well thought of ideas.

From startups manufacturing drones to robots, from software to designing, everyone felt that .tech certainly matched their businesses the best, and it was also very easy for them to get their desired name on the extension. What’s more, we launched an extensive outdoor campaign in downtown SF. Bus shelters around the city had .tech ads on them! There also was a digital truck present at hotspots around SF and nearby universities, giving out free .tech domain names to students truly interested in setting up their own websites. We received a great response from Berkeley, Stanford, SF State University and more!

.tech is surely etched in the minds of the people of SF and the thousands who had come to the city for TechCrunch! It won’t be easy to forget energetic youngsters at a digital truck, giving out .tech boxes of water to exhausted people on every busy day!

Our booth saw great traction at TechCrunch! We also had a special surprise for all those who came to learn more about .tech and pick up their free T-shirts! We had free beer for them all! The beer was certainly refreshing after they had talked to hundreds of startups at the event!

Post the third day of the event, .tech along with the french registrar Gandi, organised a party for a few startups and innovators which was pretty interesting collaboration!

We’re also in talks with several co-working spaces and incubators to encourage their startups to adopt the .tech domain extension.

Watch this space for more on that in the days to come.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF has been fantastic for the .techSquad and we’re certainly going there again next year!

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