The .tech Storm hits Collision

The .tech Storm hits Collision

1200 startups, several investors, the ever-present press and the brightest techies from across the globe converged at The World Market Center in Downtown Vegas to make for a spectacular two-day event.

From Big Data to Healthcare, and from Education to Philanthropy, Collision 2015 had a wide array of startups that participated. As expected, the Radix booth did see significant traffic and we were happy to meet with all those who came in to enquire about .tech.

Glad that a Canadian Startup gave out samples of their new energy vaporizer! 😉

Now, conversations with startups are super engaging as there’s always a fascinating story to tell, right from the idea that powered the startup, to their innovative products or services that could be the next big technology game-changer.

Radix had a pretty interesting story to tell too, one that definitely makes us stand tall amongst the other established names. So, we outbid Amazon and Google to acquire dot Tech! Ha! Now how cool is that!

We noticed that startups clearly understood the need for newer domain name suggestions, as it’s extremely difficult, frustrating and expensive to find good domain names that are available in an existing extension. Startups resort to tweaking their first choice name or else they end up paying a premium to acquire a desired .com domain.

People were very interested in category names such as,, and particularly, which created a significant buzz. Many speakers at Collision predicted financial technology to be the next big thing to watch out for, which fuelled the interest in the domain name.

So, Collision was fantastic as expected this time around, and we’d like to believe that the tremendous traffic we received was on account of the genuine interest from the startup community about this newer and most relevant namespace, and not just because of the drone we gave away through a raffle or the awesome .tech schwag! Here’s what the winner of our Drone had to say:

Here’s what the winner of the Drone had to say:

“While tons of gimmicky extensions have been released over the past few years, .tech stands out from the crowd. Not only as a top level, but for so many other uses we can think of. It also opens a category that defines an industry, that being TECH. We’re excited to get our hands on our TM, as well as so many others we see value in for the long run.

Oh, and I love my drone!! An hour walk in the scorching desert heat to pick it up was well worth it. #winning #winner #drone #DotTech #needls”

– Justin Hartzman
Co Founder of


We’re happy about our new TLD generating the right buzz, and we’d love to interact with you as well at the other events that we’re excited to be a part of. Do look out for Radix at Rise Conf, The Web Summit and TechCrunch – SF during the second half of 2015.


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