The Domain Name Quandary

The Domain Name Quandary

Ok. Let’s start up!

No seriously. You and me.

I have an idea which I think is brilliant! This is it. Now help me out with a name. .Com? Damn! Unavailable!

Pretty sure most tech entrepreneurs face the same dilemma when it comes to finding startup domain names. Dear old Google has now registered Really? Do you think they’ll ever really use that? Are you ever going to type that long a domain name to access whatever it is that they would want to display on that page?

For Google, they just probably wanted to secure the second best name to or, both of which are unavailable.

But for you all- the tech savvy founders of tomorrow, it’s high time you jump into the new and follow the trends of tomorrow to get your domain name. New TLDs will dominate the future and definitive domain extensions are here to stay.

.tech is what you will see more of in the future. The startup ecosystem continues to expand, and getting your own identity online is going to be a task. That’s why we’re here. We want to make it easy for you to secure short and memorable names, on an extension that is definitive and associative with technology- that, that you want to launch with your new startup.

Categorizing your website as tech related, makes it easier for your customers to believe in your business. Launching your business with a domain extension that effectively categorizes it as associated with technology, makes it relevant to your customers, amongst the several other categories of businesses out there.

.tech is going to become the domain extension of every future startup, and we’re feeling confident. No other domain extension fits into the startup ecosystem as easily as does .tech!

Looking for a domain name for your startup?

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