An interview with StockholmFin.Tech CEO, Matthew Argent

An interview with StockholmFin.Tech CEO, Matthew Argent is Sweden’s independent physical space dedicated for communication, collaboration, and cooperation that is tailored to the specific needs of fintech companies. .TECH caught up Matthew Argent, CEO,, for a quick interview.

Tell us about How did the idea to create it come about?

With, we’re building Sweden’s independent physical space for the financial technology ecosystem. Before we started working on it, we talked to startups, banks, financial institutions and regulators and they all said the same thing – there was no center of gravity, physical or digital, where people could share their experiences, exchange notes and stay updated about the latest in financial technology. We’re not disrupting, we’re building a platform where all the parts of financial tech ecosystem can collaborate, connect and communicate with each other.

Matthew Argent

Tell us about some of the startups that are engaged with

The startups that we are working with are building products in the entire range of fintech – everything from the next bank to changing the way we think about savings, to launching a new cryptocurrency.

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name for your brand?

We wanted a domain name that stands out, makes the website address shorter and is meaningful. just felt like an obvious choice when we saw it.

How do startups and partners resonate with your website name,

We have only gotten positive response for our domain. Having a .TECH domain makes marketing easier for us, since we use our whole domain as our username on social media:

@sthlmfintech on Twitter on Facebook

Stockholm Fintech Hub on Linked In on Instagram

The physical space at

How has the journey been so far with What are your future plans?

So far we’ve gotten great response from the whole community. We are hoping to get all fintech startups in Sweden to join us together with banks, regulators and new partners. Membership is free for startups, so why wouldn’t they? 😊

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your team.

We’re four founders, including me. We all have a varied background in finance, banking, sales and marketing. I have been involved in venture capital, and regulatory issues in the UK for twenty years. I have founded a number of startups in the past before I founded BLC Advisors to help international investors gain access to the  Nordic markets. Stockholm Fintech Hub is my most recent venture.


So when are you getting your .TECH domain? Grab it now at!

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