RISE 2016 & a new League!

RISE 2016 & a new League!

After the fantastic 2015 opening of Websummit’s Asian event – RISE, their 2016 edition of this fine tech conference left us very impressed!


This time around, we spotted startups at RISE flaunting their startup domain on .tech! One of them was Spade Techs (spade.tech) that created quite a buzz with their iSCOUT device for automobiles, that can enable drivers to stay safely connected to the road.


At the conference itself, we did see considerable interest in the .tech domain extension, as tech enthusiasts and startups were excited to know that names that they thought weren’t available, were, in fact, unregistered on a .tech! And so, making good use of our FREE .tech domain offer for all the attendees, they wasted no time in quickly registering one.


RISE 2016 was important to us for another reason – The Startup League! We launched this program on 31st May 2016 & invited promising startups to register on www.startup.online. This is an irresistible offer for startups exhibiting at any major tech conference this year. Once you’ve a LIVE website on a .tech, .online, .website, .site, .press, .store or .host, we’ll refund 25% (or up to $1000) of your startup fee to that conference. Startups certainly were pretty kicked about this!

We headed for the Night Summit after the conference & got to interact with several other investors, founders & attendees. We also made our way to the Startup Ferry for a cruise along the Hong Kong Harbour.

RISE 2016 was a conference that was 3 days of great networking along with a lot of fun & candid conversations with the best in the world of tech! We’re surely going to be there again!

Check domain name availability now on .TECH!

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