Making London a Smart City with London.TECH

In the school of Smart Cities, is London is ready to move to the head of the class?

The London Summer starts with a big conversation: What does London Need? DigitalTown, Inc., the Seattle-based digital “smart community” company has identified London as the ideal city to showcase the possibilities of peer-to-peer marketplaces where citizens and stakeholders can identify the city’s biggest challenges and co-create better Quality of Life. “DigitalTown is taking London into a new era, from IoT, the Internet of Things, to IoP, the Internet of People!” explains Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown, “Technologies that connect citizens to their city, and to each other, can be an exciting catalyst for economic growth and social cohesion.”

Smart.London is pioneering the emerging Smart Web movement around the world and officially launches at London Tech Week on June 13, 2017 as part of a major strategic partnership with London & Partners, London.Tech , Dot London Domains Limited and Minds + Machines. A top-level domain, .LONDON was created for residents, organizations, and visitors to search, connect and transact via web and mobile devices, using a SmartWallet and single login.

The University of Greenwich is conducting research into the market acceptance and economic impact of the Smart.London suite of cloud-hosted applications. Licensed Businesses and Residents wishing to secure a verified London Digital Identity are encouraged to register here.

To kickstart the movement in London, DigitalTown is hosting the network’s largest civil dialogue to date. DigitalTown hall takes place on June 13th 2017 at the iconic Town Hall Hotel on Patriot Square at Bethnal Green in London’s East End. This will be a full-day convening of London’s tech, tourism and corporate stakeholders, world class speakers, public officials, and Smart City experts. The Digital Townhall will also host a pop up coworking space for Hackathon participants at the venue with free Wifi, desk space, food, coffee and company. The main event will be broadcast via livestream using the campaign hashtag #LondonNeeds.

Hack London for £5k

The #LondonNeeds hashtag also underpins the Smart.London hackathon : for ideas that promise to make London a better city, turning challenges into homegrown opportunities that travel the world. For coders or designers interested in making London smarter, winning submissions receive £5,000 cash, a chance to scale their idea across thousands of smart city platforms, and an invitation to participate in Hackathons in Miami where DigitalTown flies next. Sign up via  London.Tech to participate virtually from June 12th to June 30th. Entrants are also invited to the launch party at The Collective Old Oak (N10 6FF) to meet the team on 12th June @ 6pm.

Give your input to the #LondonNEEDS campaign

The #LondonNeeds campaign is an ongoing conversation about the frustrations, challenges, needs and opportunities of London, as seen by London residents, businesses and visitors. Send tweets and Instagrams about what you think #LondonNeeds to join the conversation.

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