Lorem.TECH: Connecting Freelancers with Businesses for Web Development

Lorem.TECH: Connecting Freelancers with Businesses for Web Development

Lorem Technologies, an NYC based startup that recently raised $1.1M, connects business owners with freelancers. The service empowers businesses to get quick help on website design, development and bug fixes across platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace. In this interview, Sam talks about what makes Lorem.TECH different and how it is helping making a difference to the business and freelance community.

Tell us about Lorem.TECH. How did the idea to create it come about?

Charlie and I have been helping small business owners with their websites since our freshman years in college. Throughout this experience, we encountered many website owners who were frustrated and wanted an effortless way to get quick, high-quality work done on their site at an affordable price. We built Lorem to solve their need.

How are you gathering freelancers on your platform?

Freelancers love that Lorem brings them high-quality jobs without having to search, bid, and win projects like on other freelance marketplaces. Lorem removes the risk of clients not paying and is building technology to make their work more efficient. We’ve seen amazing organic growth on the freelancer side of the market.

Charlie Fogarty, COO - Co-Founder and Sam Wilcoxon, CEO - Co-Founder (right)

What are the different services that your provide through lorem.tech?

Today we are focused on web development within Squarespace and WordPress, anywhere from bug fixes to custom features, 3rd party integrations, and even full site builds. In the future, we’ll be available to other website builders like WIX and Weebly; as well as digital marketing products like MailChimp.

Why do you call it ‘Your personal Mark Zuckerberg’?

Mostly kidding on the “your personal Mark Zuckerberg” comment. Lorem enables website owners to get paired up with expert web developers in the Lorem network… maybe even the next Mark Zuckerberg!

lorem-tech: connecting freelancers with businesses

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name for lorem.tech?

Our full company name is Lorem Technologies, so lorem.tech was a perfect fit for us.

How do your partners and customers resonate with your website name?

The name reinforces with our customers, freelancers, and partners that we are a service offering on-demand, expert tech help.

How has the journey been so far with lorem.tech? What are your future plans?

We recently graduated from the Techstars program and raised $1.1M from Flybridge and Founder Collective. We just moved into our new office in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC and are actively hiring engineers!

So, when are you getting your .TECH domain? Grab it now at get.tech!

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