How to Survive COVID-19 (the most actionable advice for tech startups)

We are living through troubling, confusing, and uncertain times. On a global level, our daily lives have been turned upside down.

On a business level, there is more pressure to be proactive and strategic in the steps you take moving forward. As businesses across the board rush towards rapid digitization, the race to rise above logistical hardships, marketing flaws, and social distancing efforts heats up.

Tech startups, much like all other businesses, should re-adjust their strategies and think outside the box if they want to achieve longevity.

Here are five areas that should focus on to stay visible and relevant even during this crisis: 

1. Double down on PR

The media is on the lookout for unique takes on the pandemic. These can come through the perspectives of individuals, businesses, or celebrities.

Use this to your advantage and utilize PR to fill that gap in the media search machine. Don’t be afraid to share your story, explain how this pandemic affects YOUR company and what you’re doing to combat this crisis.

Get into local and national newspapers and television stations and tell them your story.

This can keep your tech company top of mind for your customers, improve your reputation overall, and if things go back to normal or as normal as they can be, get your PR efforts to pay dividends somehow.

2. Lend a helping hand

The tech industry is known for its ability to rapidly scale and pivot its attention and support to adjust to the times, and the current challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

We are seeing this switch in emphasis. From password crackers running virus simulations to virus destroying robots, there are countless clever ways in which businesses chip in to help battle COVID-19.

It’s important that tech startups gather their resources and spare some of these for genuine contribution. Think of it as a form of digital transformation.

There’s no point in turning a profit if the world ends, so take part in making sure the society you live in can sustain itself. If you focus primarily on code, reach out to clients, and create a simple program to help them during this crisis in some way.

If robotics is your forte, then maybe some R&D work directed towards fighting against the crisis could help. As a direct result, exposure and brand awareness will work in your favor. You may even find new prospects along the way.

3. Focus on Social Media

Google and Facebook advertising should be top priorities.

Social media ads may be relatively more affordable right now, which means that your business can benefit from the current dip in advertising costs if you push your service or product online.

If you can’t handle ads on your own, pay someone to help. If you don’t have the budget to pay a big agency, find a smaller resource, or learn to do it yourself. There are plenty of courses and free content online to help bring you up to speed.

4. Hone in on consistent content

While we’re on the topic of social media, it’s no surprise that online platforms are buzzing with activity right now.

As nations across the world implement movement-control efforts, people are stuck at home with their devices and internet connections.

Due to this, marketing initiatives within the digital sphere could boost exposure for your brand effectively via a robust content strategy. 

Consistently update your audience on what you’re doing as a brand. You can start by focusing on two primary methods; producing videos and/or audio clips that educate people, and by telling users directly what you are doing via emails or direct messages on social media networks like Linkedin.

Add creativity to your content mix. Try different formats that fit with your brand.

Produce informative, fun, engaging content including (but not limited to) webinars, online consultation sessions, and other forms of reaching out.

5. Re-evaluate your offering

It’s time to take a look at your standard offering and possibly reinvent it. Update the product or service section on your website and re-evaluate your offering based on the current situation.

Change certain aspects of what you initially listed and try your best to accommodate your prospects in these desperate times. Offer bonuses, free consultation sessions, discounts, or even partnerships based on the sector that you’re in.

If you can pivot your business and meet your clients halfway quickly, you don’t merely need to aim for survival. You could even dominate your niche and come out of this stronger than you were before.


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected tech startups worldwide. However, with so many people online, there are also opportunities. Digital media, content, and communities are still relevant. They might even be more relevant than before. Take the time to get to know your audiences and get creative! 


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