Get ready to celebrate the world’s Programmers with .tech domains!

Get ready to celebrate the world’s Programmers with .tech domains!

Every now and then, a day comes by, dedicated to those who matter. Why then, must we leave out those who matter the most? Especially in this day and age, the advancement in the world of technology is because of the ones who communicate, not with fellow humans, but with computers. They learn to code. They dream about code. And they communicate in code. The World’s Programmers truly deserve a day that’s their own. And 13th September is rightly theirs.

This Sunday, .tech domains gets ready to celebrate International Programmers’ Day. Well, the celebrations won’t last just for a day, but a whole week! From 13th to 21st September, .tech domains will be available at an unbelievable price of just $14.99!

Programmers have made it possible for us to live what was unthinkable of. We owe the advancement in technology to them. Come to think of the fact that you read this here, because a diligent programmer worked hard to set up our website for us. So, it’s time to celebrate these super humans and everyone’s invited!

Carl Pei- the co-founder of OnePlus Mobiles was one of the first tech experts to get his own .tech domain name. Thereafter, he along with several others have been endorsing this unique domain extension and the results are here for everyone to see! .tech domains has crossed the 10K registrations mark and continues to be lapped up by several techies around the globe!

.tech‘s 50+ Pioneers including Websummit, Misfit, The Next Web and Linus Sebastian (Popular Youtuber with over 1.8 million subscribers) are all supportive of the Programmers’ Week Celebration that the .techSquad has planned! Thereafter, .tech will be featured in extensive outdoor marketing activities in downtown San Francisco during Techcrunch Disrupt. Don’t be surprised if you’re in the city, and you see a digital truck displaying all the brand ambassadors of .tech as well as interesting websites that are already LIVE on the domain extension.

The .techSquad continues its focus on promoting the domain extension as the best a tech enthusiast can get for his/her own website. We’ve also been encouraging several startups to purchase the domain name of their choice on a .tech. Our efforts are now being channeled into creating awareness about the availability of this memorable and definitive domain extension, and want to be the first choice of anyone who loves tech!

If you’re one, get in touch with us NOW! Get the domain name you want on .TECH!

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