The Internet namespace is changing for the tech community, come aboard!

Missing out on an ideal domain name is not a great feeling, and you know it from the hours you’ve spent on trying to find the perfect name only to find ‘that domain name is already taken’! The result? You compromise! You settle for a name that was probably your 69th choice and learn to live with it.

The good news is that you don’t need to do that anymore, because now you have the option to pick a domain extension that truly defines what you do. For developers, coders, designers, tech startups, and the entire tech community, .TECH is an obvious choice when it comes to finding a domain name that defines where they belong!


.TECH: The choice of global players

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the technology trade association representing the $292 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, moved from to a .TECH domain with Their flagship event, which also happens to be the world’s largest conference for consumer electronics, Consumer Electronic Show, moved from .ORG to .TECH as it helped make their online real estate – more relevant and brandable. Or consider Viacom’s technology portal,, a smart choice over In simple words, choosing .TECH empowers you with a shorter, more specific, brandable and a far more memorable domain name.


SEO experts love .TECH!

Even the SEO experts are choosing .TECH domain names and for the right reason. Recently, when WIX, the popular cloud-based web development platform, announced the winner of its four month long global SEO contest, it was no surprise that the champion was The winner, Walid Gabteni, was awarded $ 50,000 as prize. He later explained that having a .TECH domain name helped him stand out on search rankings and Google search suggestions, something that greatly contributed to generating more traffic and eventually making him the global ‘SEO hero’.


Tech influencers say ‘yay’ to .TECH

Social influencers have been some of the quickest adopters of .TECH. Personal branding in the digital space is crucial to capture the mind space of the target audience. A memorable domain name helps make a great first impression. Take, for instance, – a domain name that redirects to the pioneering technology influencer’s Youtube page with 1.25 mn subscribers! Interestingly, he also owns, an international tech deals website. Other popular tech influencers who use .TECH domains for themselves are and, both with huge follower base across social media platforms.


Events, clubs, startups and hackathons love .TECH

Events, clubs and conferences in the tech space are increasingly choosing .TECH for themselves. Take, for instance,, a platform for startups, corporate brands and investors by The Next Web. Technology clubs such as and also find .TECH a suitable choice for themselves.

Tech startups prefer .TECH too as it helps them grab shorter domain names that communicate a lot more and helps them market their business better. For example,, an open source content management company and, a company that connects tech brands with Hollywood celebrities for endorsements.

Another example of .TECH spreading at the grassroots level can be found at the number of hackathons, student contests and bootcamps jumping onto a .TECH domain. such as, the Bay Area’s First All-Female High School Hackathon and,  a student-run hackathon at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The examples of the tech community preferring a domain name that best defines them are plenty. The time is right for you to do the same! So go ahead and reserve your .TECH domain name and take a big leap forward in building a robust online existence.

So when are you getting your .TECH domain? Grab it now at!

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