6 Ways a Domain Name Can Change Your Life

1) Build your virtual resume on a one-page website An impactful way to enhance your online presence is to build a virtual CV with added information about your work portfolio or relevant links. 

2) Gather all your social links on a single landing page  Pick a domain name where you can host all your social media profile links as well as your blog (if you have one). 

3) Brand your LinkedIn / GitHub / Devpost profile with a domain redirect With just a link you can give details of your work experience, recognition, achievements and a lot more. 

4) Give out a message with your domain name For example, www.breakinto.tech is a website about ‘breaking into the tech’ industry.  

5)  Get a branded email address with your domain name Your email id is an important element of your brand identity. For example, firstname@lastname.tech makes for a memorable email address. 

6) Use your domain name as a custom URL shortener  Branded links are a great way to stand out, build credibility and add a personal touch to your digital presence. 

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